Heist setup
The Yacht Raid - Weaponized
  • Go to the alley.
  • Kill everyone.
  • Load the Special Carbines in the truck.
  • Go to Lester's Sweatshop.
Unlocked after:Conflicting Interests + Heist-style choice
Unlocks:Weapons for the heist
The Yacht Raid - Weaponized is the first heist setup for the Execution A - Loud method for The Yacht Raid in San Andreas Connection.


The Yacht Raid - Weaponized requires the team to acquire some Special Carbines from a third-party, so the serial numbers are untraceable during the heist.


Niko receives a group call from Gary and Lester.

"Hello? Can you two hear me?" says Lester.

"What was that? I can't hear you." says Gary.

"Hello? Can you two hear me?" says Lester, repeating himself.

"Hmm, it appears there's something wrong with the signal. I can't understand a bloody thing you're saying."

"That's very funny Gary, because everything's fine on my end. Get out of your DigitalDen contract and sign up for Badger."

"Okay, okay, enough with the chit-chat. We need to talk business - I've managed to pinpoint the location for a shipment containing several Special Carbine rifles. I wasn't able to find out the name of the recipient, but I do have the truck's current location. It's near the park in Mission Row. Since this is a, uh, shall we say; unofficial shipment, courtesy of The Open Road, I'd expect the delivery people to be packing heat, so be careful Niko."

"Hmm...sounds good. Now, why did you add me to the call? Assuming this is meant for Niko to do."

"We need to stay in the loop. Communication is the key to success - you can't run a successful operation without communication among the empire."

"Oh? So we're an empire now?" says Niko.

"Unless you count those three mutes that went MIA... No. Anyway, get on it Niko."

The call ends. Niko heads to the truck's location in Mission Row.

Niko arrives nearby down the street, and receives a text from Lester.

"Okay, you're looking for a suspicious truck in a suspicious alleyway in a seemingly quiet area of the city. Be careful - they might be armed. Gather the Carbines and get the hell out of dodge."

" a suspicious a suspicious a seemingly quiet area of the city... yeah, that's really helpful." Niko thinks to himself.

Niko eventually locates a truck in an alleyway, matching Lester's description.

"Shit, that looks like the truck. I really hope they aren't packing heat," Niko thinks to himself.

Niko receives a text from Lester.

"Okay - I've managed to get into the CCTV system in the area thanks to your phone's Redtooth. I've found several armed guards, but they're only equipped with some shotguns, so be careful. There are multiple ways inside ,"

"Fuck, so they are packing heat..." Niko thinks to himself.

At this point, Niko has a couple of ways to approach this: either rush in in close quarters, or ascend the ladder to get a better view of the area.

Niko dispatches the guards. "Good job Slav, I was beginning to worry," says a voice coming from the corner of the building.

"What? Who's there?" says Niko.

"It's me, dumbass, I'm in their intercom system in the CCTV. Anyway, get those Carbines to home base. Watch out for reinforcements though." says Gary, heard through the security camera's speaker.

"Fuck, they can never leave me alone, can they?" Niko thinks to himself.

Niko grabs the Carbines and loads them in the bed of the truck. As he's storing them, reinforcements arrive.

"Hey! What the fuck are you doin'? These are our guns, we have 2nd amendment rights!" says the apparent leader of the group.

"Shit, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to cause any harm. I'm a firm believer in the constitution myself... WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?" says Niko, yelling out and pointing to behind the group.

"What the...?" the group turn their backs.

Niko opens fire.

"We damngun fell for it! He's a neo-nazi liberal! Get him, boys!" cries out one of the members of the group.

"Neo-nazi liberal? What world is this?" Niko thinks to himself.

Niko kills the rest of the group and flees the area, with the Carbines loaded in the bed.

Niko receives a call from Lester and Gary, in a group call.

"Wow, Slav, do you know who you just ticked off?"

"Who? The watchmen?"

"No? Do you realize what you've just done?" says Gary.

"I'm confused?" says Niko.

"Jesus christ you two, calm the hell down with the juvenile humor. It was funny the first few times, now it's just a fucking annoyance. Anyways, Gary is right, these people don't screw around. They're a selective breed, very underground - you just pissed off the Northern Sky Parliament. And yes, they call (mostly) everyone a neo-nazi liberal. The thing is, they're pretty serious about their beliefs, and I'm sure we just set a bomb off on their radar. This might set off some things in the know... I'll have to monitor the Open Road boards for traffic. Just watch yourself, I'm sure we'll be fine."

"Northern Sky.... Parliament.... yeah, I'm still confused."

"Keep it that way. It'll help you clear your head." says Gary.

The call ends.

Niko arrives at the garment factory with the Carbines.

"Okay, we have our hardware for this job. That's one off the list..." says Lester to Niko.