Heist setup
The Yacht Raid - Secondhand Attire
  • Go to Suburban.
  • Buy an inconspicuous outfit for you.
  • Find an inconspicuous outfit for Gary.
  • Leave the store.
Unlocked after:Conflicting Interests + Heist-style choice
Unlocks:Disguises for the heist
The Yacht Raid - Secondhand Attire is the third and final heist setup for the Execution A - Loud method for The Yacht Raid in San Andreas Connection.


Niko must acquire some clothes for the crew to wear in preparation for the coming heist.


Niko receives a text from Lester. "Alright, you'll have to pick up some attire for the crew to wear. I'd suggest something rugged, but lightweight enough. Preferably a second-hand shop in the sticks, but you can go with whatever, as long as it's untraceable. Cash only... -L"

"He better pay me the gas money for this trip..." Niko thinks to himself.

At this point, Niko will have to locate a low-end clothing store in the rural countryside to acquire the clothing necessary to progress in the story. Blaine and Paleto Counties are acceptable choices for this mission.

Niko arrives at the store. "Something rugged and lightweight. But we don't want to look like drug dealers, either. This will be tough." Niko thinks to himself.

After purchasing the necessary clothes, Niko calls Lester. "Alright, I got the clothes-don't worry, I used cash. Dammit Lester, it's a thrift store, not a bank transaction."

"Maybe, but we have to be careful. Every decision counts, we can't risk getting caught. No, we have to find things already in circulation. That's how you don't get caught. Anyway, good job, just bring them with you to the garment factory when everything's ready."

The call ends.