The Yacht Raid (Quiet)
  1. Go to Lester's Sweatshop
  2. Leave the area
  3. Get in the boat
  4. Silently kill everyone
  5. Check the yacht for the heroin
  6. Clear out the attackers
  7. Swim to shore
  8. Get in Lester's car
  9. Leave the area
Unlocked after:Conflicting Interests + Heist setup missions
The Yacht Raid - Quiet is the Quiet approach of The Yacht Raid in San Andreas Connection.


"It's on. Come to the usual place."
―Lester Crest via Text Message
"Looks like this is it... I should get going." Niko thinks to himself.

Niko arrives at the garment factory, and sees Alan leave the building, noticeably angry. "Uh oh, he doesn't seem too happy. I should lay low." Niko thinks to himself.

After waiting out Alan to leave the area, Niko gets out of his car and enters, to find Lester and Gary going over the details of the heist.

"There you are, the Slav with anger issues!" Lester says to Niko, chuckling nervously.

"... Sure, that's not getting old." Niko mumbles.

"Well Nicky, this is it. We're going to risk our lives to steal a lot of heroin for a corporate jackass just so he can lace his pockets in gold. Or we're going to get killed and have a slow, painful death!" Gary sarcastically tells Niko, patting him on the back.

"Well it could be worse. We could've decided to go loud and potentially get arrested, at least faster anyway." Niko replies. The front door to the factory is heard opening in the background, Alex Vogil walks in.

"Hello gentlemen, are you ready to go through with the business venture? Or are we going to have a nice chat over coffee?" Alex asks, sitting down in an office chair.

"No, we're not gonna have coffee, because you having delivered the equipment yet. I need the god damn caffeine!" Gary spits back.

"Hush. I have the maker ready, you just need to pick it up. There is no need to act childish, Mr. Mitnick." Alex replies, clasping his hands. Niko leans against a wall.

"Uh... Right okay so, Niko and Gary. You two are gonna get in that boat we sourced and head to the yacht. The boat has two suppressed carbine rifles, one for both of you. You get to the yacht, QUIETLY take everyone out, grab the brown and bring it back here. Simple." Lester says, pointing to the planning board.

"It's easy for you to say. Suppressors aren't going to kill off all the noise we make. Somebody is bound to hear a bullet impact at the least." Niko says, pointing at Lester.

"So just get it done faster. You seemed to hurry to get here when I threatened you, so surely you can get this done quickly." Lester replies, clearing his throat after.

"And what if we screw up and we have to go loud?" Niko asks Lester.

"We call it off. You're on your own. If you survive I'll have someone bump you off." Lester spits back. Niko frowns. Gary slides a clip into his rifle.

"Let's quit measuring our dicks and get the job done, yeah? I'm done playing patty-cake with that suit." Gary says to the three.

"Oh, Mr. Mitnick, you should really be more professional around your business partner." Alex replies.

"You're no partner of mine, pal." Gary says back. Niko pats Gary on the back.

"Let's get dressed Gary, we can bicker and bitch later..." Niko tells him. The screen fades to black. Once the screen renders again, Niko and Gary are walking out of the garment factory.

Driving to the boat

Niko and Gary get into a vehicle and begin talking. They turn off their headsets.

"Niko, I gotta ask you somethin'..." Gary says to Niko.

"Yeah, what is it?"

"Do you think Lester and that suit are up to something?"

"Maybe. I don't know. It's not really any of my business. I'm here to get out of the game."

"I know that, but surely someone like you, a wise-ass hired gun, has something to say about it?"

"Maybe they're too close. I don't trust Lester, I don't Alex...."

"And me?"

"I dunno, you seem pretty straight. You haven't tried to blackmail or anything. It's still early."

"I can respect that."

At the boat

Niko and Gary turn their headsets back on and enter the boat.

"Okay, communications systems are online! Testing... testing... breaker breaker one nine...." Lester says into the relay.

"We can hear you crippy boy, loud and clear." Gary replies.

"Hmph... Real professional. Head to the yacht and clean it out, grab the brown." Lester tells the crew.

On the yacht

The crew makes their way to the yacht and sneaks on. They clear out everybody quietly and the crew locates the heroin.

"Heroin, right here!" Niko tells the team over the headset.

"Fill that duffel bag and let's get out of here before something happens-" Lester says before getting interrupted. An explosion rocks the yacht.

"Fuck! What the hell was that?" Gary yells.

"A fucking buzzard! Some guys are boarding the boat too! They somehow found out what we're doing! Didn't you take them out quietly?" Lester replies.

"Yeah! They must have been watching the yacht the whole time!" Niko says, scrambling to his feet.

"Jump off that yacht and swim to shore! Those duffel bags are water proof. Don't get the junk wet!" Lester screams into the microphone. The crew takes out a handful of reinforcements and jumps off of the ship, swimming to shore, the buzzard searches for them but can't locate them. They crawl onto shore, breathing heavily. Lester pulls up quickly in his blue Asea.

"Get your asses in! We don't have any time to waste!" Lester yells at the team. They enter the car and speed off from the area. They drive back to the garment factory.

At the garment factory

Lester, Niko and Gary into the garment factory. Alex jumps up from his seat, a cigar resting between his fingers.

"Gentlemen, are we set? Are we good to go?" Alex asks, walking towards the crew.

"Despite nearly getting killed on a god damn boat, we got the job done" Gary replies, scratching his neck. Niko and Gary take off their duffel bags. Lester opens the bag, pulling out dry heroin.

"Ohohohoooo! It's good to be in this business. You know, usually I don't concern myself with the drug trade, but for you Alex, I can make some uh... changes!" Lester says joyfully. Niko and Gary look at each other and roll their eyes. Alex examines the heroin.

"Wonderful. Mr. Bellic, you've proven yourself to be useful, and I'd like to do more business with you. Meet me at the Arcadius building soon, alright?" Alex says, looking directly at Niko. Niko looks at Lester, then to Alex.

"Yeah... Sure. Listen, that was a lot of shit to deal with, so I'm gonna go home and hit the hay alright?" Niko replies, waving as he's walking away. Niko and Gary exchange a glance as Niko walks away. The screen fades to place.

At the museum

When the screen renders again, Niko is at the museum the next day, overlooking the Los Santos skyline. HOME - Resonance is playing over the scene. Niko sighs and walks away, the camera moving upwards. "HEIST COMPLETE", complete with a cash register sound.