Heist setup
The Yacht Raid - Apache Blood
  • Go to Sandy Shores Airfield.
  • Kill the Vagos.
  • Get in the Buzzard.
  • Kill the remaining Vagos or leave.
Unlocked after:Conflicting Interests + Heist-style choice
Unlocks:Transport for the heist
The Yacht Raid - Apache Blood is the second heist setup for the Execution A - Loud method for The Yacht Raid in San Andreas Connection.


Alex, Gary, Lester, and Niko must acquire a helicopter from Sandy Shores Airfield which is guarded by the Vagos, in preparation for their next heist.


Niko receives a call from Lester.

"Hey, it's Lester. But uh, you knew that already... anyway, since we're going to be needing something to get us in the air, I've located us a chopper at Sandy Shores Airfield."

"Sandy Shores Airfield? You know how far that is from LS? And is it guarded or anything?" says Niko.

"Relax, it's nothing major. The Vagos are using the airfield for some of their drug runs - a contact of mine confirmed the location recently, so I'm guessing it's a recent acquisition for them. The problem is, he kinda got discovered, so... they may have ramped up security since then."

"Great, great, an airfield in east kabumfuck, and a whole clan of Vagos guarding it. Sweet, tell me where my gold star is when I'm done with this!"

"Come on Niko, cheer up. This will be an easy score, and don't worry, I'll deal with Gary. We have our uh, history, and I know it's been putting some pressure on you lately. We'll get this done, and after that, I'll resolve things with uh, that guy... he's been asking a lot of questions, I'm starting to get suspicious."

"Agh, I knew he was trouble... on my way to Sandy Shores now." The call ends.

Niko arrives near the airfield, and receives a text from Lester. "Careful now, I wasn't kidding when I said they ramped up security. I'm guessing they have a few snipers posted at the control tower, so don't get killed please. x)"

The Vagos at the airfield upon arrival.

"No emoji..." Niko thinks to himself.

Niko takes position and starts to clear out the Vagos guarding the helicopter. "Shit, how many of them are guarding this thing? This must be a pretty serious heli then." says Niko.

"It's Ayuga's contact! Ayuga's contact is in! Ayuga's contact is in! Ayuga's contact is in! Rapido!"

"Ayuga? Fuck, that must be that contact Lester was talking about..." Niko thinks to himself.

Niko continues to clear out the airfield, and eventually secures the chopper. "Ah, so this is what they're guarding. This is pretty serious shit for the Vagos. This should work fine..." says Niko, as he climbs aboard the Buzzard Attack Chopper.

Niko reaches for his phone to call for Lester, but before he can reach for it, he hears a voice from the control tower.

"I know. Good work. You know where to go."

"Christ, these guys are all over the place, can't I ever get a break? I'll be having heart palpitations soon." Niko thinks to himself, as he closes the door to the helicopter and starts it.

"Maybe the war wasn't so bad after all..." Niko thinks to himself.

Niko receives a text from Lester. "Okay, maybe you don't know where to go. Drop it off at my warehouse off the freeway in East LS. It'll be safe there until we're nearly a go."

Niko lands the chopper at the warehouse.