Heist setup
TNH - Network Attached Sorrows
  • Go to the hacker's den in Mirror Park
  • Steal the NAS containing the tool
  • Leave the area
Unlocked after:Hello world! + Heist-style choice
Unlocks:Ability to inject data into the Weazel Network

The News Heist - Network Attached Sorrows is the second heist setup for the Execution A - Loud method for The News Heist in San Andreas Connection.


Niko must steal a powerful piece of injection software that can break into the Weazel News Building's broadcasting station. With Gary locating a custom-coded tool in a hacker's den in Mirror Park, Niko must attain the software by any means necessary.


Niko receives a call from Gary. "Listen Niko, there's something else for you to do for the upcoming job that'll require the maximum amount of headroom, so to speak."

Niko replies, "Okay, what's the job?"

"Some small clan of script kiddies, who are a part of this hacktivist group who don't even know how to program a basic hello world application, have been 'working' on an injection tool. I don't know how they did it, they probably followed a tutorial on the internet. Anyway, this tool is unusually powerful, according to various hobbyist message boards. Unfortunately, they haven't made the source code available publicly, which seems to me that they want to be the next Jay Norris's, heh."

"Anything else?" Niko replies.

"The 'clan' is located in a hacker's den in Mirror Park. It looks like they're using an on-site NAS for all of their scripts, and my guess is the tool is on the very same NAS. I've tried breaking in myself, but they've got some incredible encryption on that thing. Figures... So, you'll need to steal the hardware itself, bring it to Lester's sweatshop in East LS and then we'll try to decrypt it ourselves. I'm sure my ol' pal Lest knows a thing or two about that..."

Gary and Niko hang up.

Niko drives to the hacker's den, and breaks into the house, which remains empty. "This seems kinda fishy, hopefully I don't get shot or something," Niko thinks to himself.

Exploring the house, Niko is unable to locate the NAS, and so texts Gary.

"What the hell is a NAS anyway? What does it look like? I've spent what seems like forever in this weed-infested shit."

Gary replies, "ok So youll have to find A black box, or White, whichever.. It should have blinking Lights and plugged In...Typically in a closet ."

Niko looks to the left and sees a device that matches Gary's description. "I'll get back to you Gary" Niko replies, slyly smiling.

After unplugging the device and carrying it out the door, Niko notices a car pull up in the driveway.

"Hey, you, that's our NAS!" The group exclaims to Niko, wearing strange theater masks.

Niko replies, "Oh, sorry, I didn't know you needed this. Should I set it back on the welcome mat out front with a bow tie?"

"Fuck you, you big-nosed prick, give the NAS back!"

"What the hell is that?" Niko points behind them. The group turns their heads.

Immediately after, Niko fires shots at the group with his pistol. The group retaliate, and take cover separately.

"This guy's fucking nuts!" one of the members says, adjusting his mask.

"We're gonna send a rootkit up this dude's ass when we're done with him!" Another one of the members shouts.

The group proceeds to fire at him, but Niko is eventually able to push back and clear them out. After fleeing the scene with the NAS loaded in the car, Niko arrives at Lester's Sweatshop in East LS, and sets the NAS down in the office, thus ending the mission.