Heist setup
The News Heist - Identification
  • Go to the technician's last known location
  • Follow the Redtooth signal
  • Steal the ID tag by any means necessary
Unlocked after:Hello world! + Heist-style choice
Unlocks:Sneak into Weazel Building undetected
The News Heist - Identification is the first heist setup for the Execution A - Loud method for The News Heist in San Andreas Connection.


The News Heist - Identification tasks Niko with locating an IT technician for Weazel News to hijack the broadcasts with Gary's eHero propaganda. It is the first setup in the Execution A - Loud branch.


Niko receives a call from Gary, and answers grumbly. "Okay Gary, what have you got for me this time?"

"Okay, Slav, here's your job for today," Gary replies, smacking his tongue. "You're gonna have to track down an IT guy, uh, some minimum-wage temp who got lost in the job market during the '08 crash. Funny these things still happen, am I right? Anyway, you've got to get his ID tag in order to gain access to the building's facilities. With this tag, everything is connected."

Niko pauses for several seconds. "Okay...that was dramatic. So I just find find this guy and take his ID tag? Do I have to clean him out too?"

Gary replies immediately after Niko, "No, no no no no no, no, Slav, that's not how this works. No, no bodies, not now. You've gotta get this thing low-key like," Gary smacks his tongue. "We don't want any witnesses, or any deaths. Not yet anyway, that's not good for PR. No, no, we've got to find some in circulation. You get this ID tag... but don't kill him. I'm sending his last-known location to your GPS. Do this thing Bellic, and we'll end on good terms come last Thursday."

Gary and Niko hang up, and Niko heads to the GPS waypoint.

Niko arrives at the technician's last known location - Chihuahua Hotdogs in downtown LS. Upon arriving, Niko receives a call from Gary again.

"Hey, Gary, I was just doing that thing...unless you've changed your mind?"

"Nope, I haven't changed my mind one bit," Gary replies. "However, I think this will assist you finding this low-rent temp. I've tracked down his most recent job offers, and it looks like he's repairing a satellite dish for an apartment building. Funnily enough, the equipment these guys are provided utilize Redtooth, so, you'll have to locate the correct device."

Niko replies, "Okay, is that it? Redtooth?"

"Nope, there's something else. See, Redtooth doesn't tell you how far away you are from the device. I'm sending an app to your phone to uh, make things easier for your Slav self. It'll display the correct distance away you are from the device's broadcasting location."

Gary and Niko hang up, and Niko loads the app on his phone, and triggers Redtooth.

" which one of you is it?" Niko thinks to himself.

There are several devices on the Redtooth listing:



Benz Housing & Saunders-PC


"Goddamit, which one of you is it? There's tons of these fucking things." Niko says, angrily.




Niko Bellic's iFruit 9IX

"Great...just what I needed," Niko thinks to himself,

RedtoothID (FruitOS Ver)

Xorbio 720 Gaming System

Jared's Schmidt & Press Coffee Maker


Aiden's NAS

"Christ, how many of them are there? I should've stayed in LC..." Niko thinks, somewhat sarcastically.

Gustavo's Thing




Tony's Loan Solutions-PC

a e s t h e t i c s-router



"Okay, that's all of the devices. Jesus christ, which one is it?"

After several minutes of tinkering, Niko gives in and calls Gary.

"Shit dude, there's like 500 of these devices. Which one is it?" Niko says, losing his patience.

"Okay, okay okay, do you see "IT" in any of them?

"Does TEMP-TSHOOTER count? LSIT? Aiden's NAS? I've about given up, Gary," Niko replies, turning a corner.

"Temp-Tshooter....Temp Troubleshooter? Maybe look into that? Dunno about Aiden's NAS, that's probably just some anime video server for a guy named Aiden. Hmm...send me a full list of the Redtooth device listings. Screenshot it, and send me it, I'll take a look."

Gary and Niko hang up. Niko takes a screenshot of the Redtooth device listings and sends it to Gary's contact.

Gary sends a text message to Niko. "Alright, I'm in. I'd look at TEMP-TSHOOTER, LSIT-V200030, LSIT-V200055, Niko Bellic's iFruit 9IX.

"What the fuck? Niko Bellic's iFruit 9IX?" Niko responds, rubbing his chin and shaking his head confused.

"It was a joke. check The devices" Gary replies back.

Niko checks TEMP-TSHOOTER first on the app, its distance several meters away. It leads to a fuse box. "Great, cool, funny," Niko mutters.

Niko checks LSIT-V200030, the farthest away, 15 meters out. Niko ascends a flight of stairs via a fire escape and reaches the rooftop. Upon arriving at the signal's broadcast point, Niko discovers a transmitter inside another fuse box. "This is really getting on my nerves," Niko thinks to himself.

Niko checks LSIT-V200055. After turning to its direction, Niko spots a technician working on a satellite dish on a nearby rooftop, confirming Gary's intel.

Niko proceeds to the rooftop quietly. After ascending another fire escape, Niko advances on the technician. At this point, the player is left to gain the ID tag by any means necessary.

  • If the technician is killed, Niko will have to hide the body.
  • If the technician is knocked out, Niko will be able to leave quietly.
  • If the technician notices Niko, he will have to be knocked out or killed.
  • Niko may choose to intervene with the technician.


If the player chooses to intervene, Niko will attempt to reason with the technician.

"Hey, you. I need your ID tag, don't ask any questions," Niko says out loud to the technician, a pistol aimed at his head.

"Okay, shit, okay...fuck, take it man, I don't care. Anything to get out of this shit job." The technician throws the ID tag at Niko.

"Well... that was easy," Niko thinks to himself.


If the technician is killed, Niko will have to hide the body. After carrying the corpse to the alleyway below, Niko locates a van and quickly hides the corpse in the back. Arriving at a secluded location, Niko sets the corpse on fire and abandons the van.

Knocked Out

If the player knocks out the technician, Niko will be able to steal the ID tag and leave. This is ideal for a non-lethal approach, however the player may also choose to intervene instead.

After securing the ID tag, Niko calls Gary. "Hey, Gary, I got that ID tag."

"Good, good, I'm starting to like you, you know. Not in a suggestive way of course. Just bring it to Lester's sweatshop in East LS."

Niko arrives at the sweatshop and places the ID tag on the desk in the sweatshop's office, thus ending the setup.