The News Heist (Loud)
  1. Go to Lester's Sweatshop
  2. Leave the area
  3. Go to the Weazel News Building
  4. Enter the building
  5. Kill any guards
  6. Head to the broadcasting room
  7. Plug in the flash drive
  8. Run autorun.bat
  9. Deal with the police
  10. Leave the area
Take:$55,000 (post heist, see next mission)
Unlocked after:Hello world! + Heist setup missions
Unlocks:Tax Deduction
The News Heist (Loud) is one of two possible finales for The News Heist in San Andreas Connection.


It's late at night and Niko receives a call from Gary. "Alright buddy-boy, we're ready to move on this thing. I'm getting the supp-"

Garry suddenly drops his phone, while a loud thud can be heard.

"Hello? Gary, are you there? Do you need help?" says Niko.

After several seconds of muffled shuffling, the phone is picked up.

"I hope you two know what you're doing, you ignorant fucks!" says Lester, angrily. "Breaking into a news station? Hijacking a broadcast signal operating in the entirety of Los Santos County? Possibly reaching into Blaine, Paleto and beyond? And you aren't going to do it safely? Who's idea was this?"

Niko responds, "Shit Lest, you alright? I mean, we thought you were cool with this, totally transparent, am I right?"

"Since you two lost half of your brain cells when you were dropped as a kid, it seems I'm of no use to you. I can't BELIEVE you would go to these fucking lengths. Hijacking Weazel New-"

The phone is dropped again, with a much louder thud audible.

"Hello? Shit, what the fuck is going on?"

"Lester, calm the fuck down!" Gary says, slightly muffled.

"........want me to calm down? Are you fucking deranged? Weazel News? We'll be put on the spotlight for years! It's idiotic!" Lester laughs heartily.

"Can we just fucking get a move on already and do this shit? I'm fucking tired of waiting around." says Niko, his tone gradually raising.

The phone is picked up. "Okay okay, we'll do this. Sorry about Lester, usually I let him know when I'm about to tear the state a new asshole. He loves to take part in these overpowered fuckfests." Gary sighs.

"That's alright, but please, can we do this already? For fuck's sake." Niko rubs his forehead.

"Alright, alright, we'll do it, seriously. Just come down to the sweatshop and we'll explain this first. Then, it's go time."

Gary and Niko hang up.

Niko arrives at the sweatshop. Lester is seen sitting on the sofa in his office.

"You two had better get this done right. If Steve Haines any of his other friends get wind of this, they'll see how sophisticated it is and say "hey, this sounds like the work Michael Townley would've pulled off, better step away from the free donuts and figure this out!" If this falls apart - I'll kill both of you! Uh, somehow." says Lester.

Gary shrugs and points towards the planning board. "Alright, here's the plan, since we're doing this the loud way, you'll have to shoot your way in. Take out any guards that get in your way. Civilian casualties should be kept at a minimum, less blood on our hands the better. After you put holes in a few rent-a-cops you'll be face-to-face with the door to the control room. You'll have to use the ID you got and get inside. Not very complicated at all."

"Nothing's too complicated, Gary," says Niko, sarcastically.

"Yeah, yeah, I know. Anyway, you walk in through the front door. The computer you stole will be powerful enough to bring down the cameras. I won't be able to watch you, but I'll still be in your ear bitching." Gary chuckles.

"What's next?" Niko replies.

"So, once you enter the control room you'll need plug the flash drive into the broadcasting computer. The flash drive has the software you stole so it's not just a memory stick with your private photos of you and your significant others. The computer has lots of ports, but any of them will work. But if you can, try to plug it into a red port for best speeds."


"Load the autorun.bat from said flash drive onto the computer. After that, signal me when it's active. The autorun is just extracting the video files for you, and injecting them onto the broadcasting server. These video files will then be sent to the headend, which in turn broadcasts the program."

Niko crosses his arms. " that's it? What then? Do we blow up or something?"

Gary extends his hand. "Nope, not there yet. Did I mention it or? Oh, yes, you'll have to lock the door behind you when you're injecting the video files. Don't want any uh, unexpected trouble. Since you'll be armed to the teeth, you'll need to be extra careful, okay Slav? No bullets going through the computer. And don't give away that this is a jacking. We want this to look like it's being done by a terror cell."

"Alright, sounds good. Just something a bit more complicated that the usual." Niko shakes his head.

"Everything you'll need is in this handy-dandy backpack." Gary says, while handing the backpack to Niko.

"Yes, I get it. What about my payment?" says Niko.

"Funny, I was just about to bring that up. Lester has been trying to convince me to pay you next to nothing, but considering you're useful to me and will likely continue to be, I'll give you 50k for this." Gary replies, picking at the skin on the back of his hand.

"60k is a bit more fair. Who else could pull this off? Come on." Niko spits back.

"Slav, I'm trying to be nice. I don't have to pay you for this, but I like you and I feel you deserve some payment, so take it or leave it. Actually, tell you what, I'll boost it to 55k. That's my final offer." Gary replies with a stern voice.

"Alright, fair enough. Is that it?" Niko asks.

"Yes, that's it. Now after this falls apart and the feds flock onto us like flies on cow shit we can figure out how we'll get out of prison." Lester says to the two.

"Couldn't have said it better myself. Maybe we'll have to bring in Agent 14 if it ever comes to that." Gary replies, patting Niko on the back as Niko exits the office.

Niko walks out of the building and heads to the Weazel News building.

At the Weazel News building

Niko heads to the Weazel News Building to perform the heist. On his way there, Gary taps into his headset for communications. "Hello? Can you hear me, Slav? Testing, testing...check, check, check, 1-2-3-4, 357-167, Bravo Charlie Delta."

"Yes, I can hear you Gary, even with the tactical military speak going on," Niko chuckles.

"Alright good, just making sure. We don't want to be too careless, no, we've got to be ready. Sometimes these things take time, and patience - even checking to make sure communications is working. You wouldn't want to be in the dead zone during a heist, would you?"

"No, I wouldn't Gary. Not one bit." Niko replies.

"Alright, that's my boy. So, head to the building and I'll help you out from there."

Niko parks outside of the building. "Okay Gary, I'm outside,"

"Alright. Put your mask on if you haven't already - we don't want anyone recognizing old Slav boy here. Are you wearing gloves? We don't want anyone tracing your fingerprints on that car. Speaking of car, this is a throwaway...right?"

"Throwaway? What are you talking about? I'm only here for the good karma, Gary, unless hassling over a 'throwaway' is a problem."

"I'm just making sure."

"Well, to help your train of thought, it is a throwaway - you provided it, remember? Random car parked, no witnesses. Clean. We're good, Gary."

"Alright, alright. Just put your gloves on, mask, whatever. And don't leave any DNA - if you sweat, cover it up as best as you can. Now, walk through the front door, and let's get down to brass tax."

Niko walks through the front door of the Weazel News Building. "This is a holdup! Everyone get down now, or I will finish you off!" The Weazel News staff raises their arms.


Niko firing at a guard.

"Put your weapon down!" A security guard yells. Niko shoots. "I'm not here to hurt anyone, I just want through!"

Niko proceeds through the hallways to an elevator. "Fuck, elevator? Not taking any chances," Niko observes the area for a staircase.

"I said put your weapon down, goddamnit!" Niko is seen by multiple security guards. "Agh, here we go again..." Niko thinks to himself.

After quickly dispatching the guards, Niko advances up the staircase. "Hello? You there Slav?" says Gary in the headset.

"Yes I'm here G. I'm not taking the elevator - where's the control room from the staircase?"

"Staircase? Oh shit. You better move your ass, let's hope they don't lock you in there. It's on floor D, the room all the way at the end of the hall."

Niko rushes up the stairs and eventually reaches floor D. "Okay, I'm on floor D. I see the control room," says Niko.

"Watch out Slav, there might be more security guards," says Gary. "When you're absolutely clear, plug the flash drive into the computer's USB port. The RED port, got it?"

"Yep, I've got it."

Niko advances through the hallway, with no guards in sight. Niko locks the door behind him. "Okay, I'm in, I locked the door," says Niko. "So, a red USB port...." Niko thinks to himself.

After locating the correct port, Niko plugs the device in. "Okay....autorun.bat," Niko clicks on the file.

"Hello? Is anyone in there? This is the LSPD!"

"Oh fuck. G, the fucking LSPD is here," says Niko, quietly.

"Fuck, fuck fuck, NB! Try to use an alternate exit. I wouldn't risk tackling the LSPD, especially for Weazel News - they've got a 24/7 standby team just waiting for a call. Escape by ANY other means."

Niko observes the room for an exit. "Ahah, the window. But is there something to land on? Maybe a haystack..." Niko thinks to himself.

The door behind is breached. "LSPD! FREEZE!"

"FUCK! G, the LSPD breached!"

"Shit! Okay NB, take them out if you can, get the flash drive once it's done transferring the files, and get the HELL out of dodge!"

Niko shoots the officers. After reloading, he takes the flash drive after ensuring the transfer is complete. Holstering his Special Carbine on his back, he looks both ways, and confidently, jumps into the trash bin below.

"Fuck, my back! My back!" Niko yells.

"NB? You made it? Good, good. Now, get the hell out of there. I wouldn't be surprised if the throwaway has been taken by the LSPD. So find a dormant car and go."

Niko locates one and leaves the area. After losing the cops, Niko heads back to Lester's garment factory.

"Hello? Is anyone there?" says Niko, walking up into the building.

Niko receives a pat on the back from behind. "You fucking did it, Slav! Look!" Gary turns and powers on the TV.

"We are eHero. Forgive and forget is not our policy. You'll be expecting us soon, governor."

Gary turns the TV off. "See? You fucking did it, Niko! You fucking did i-"

"And we're now going to have half of the FIB, IAA, NOOSE, and whoever the fuck else on our trail until the day we die! Are you fucking insane, the two of you? I can't believe I have to work with you."

"Whoa, Lester, calm down. It was successful, we didn't get caught."

"Not YET." Lester retorts.

"Not at all. Look, Niko ensured he was covered. Gloves, mask, everything, the whole nine yards. There's not a single possibility we'll be caught,"

"Well, when the entire US government is knocking on our door, heh, you won't be having my help."

"So robbing banks is any different? How is hijacking a television station worse than robbing say, the pacific standard bank? This all sounds like fishy hocus pocus to me," says Niko.

"Hey, don't worry about it. You did good, NB, really good. In fact, I'd even go so far as to say you earned that $55k. Now, you'll be receiving your cut in a few days, I gotta make sure the heat dies down before we make any big transactions. Otherwise, what Lester was saying, might come true..."

Niko leaves the building and gets in his Esperanto parked outside. The mission ends.