Tax Deduction

Boss: Lester Crest
  1. Go to Pacific Standard
  2. Drive to Lester's Factory
  3. Enter Lester's office
  4. Head to LSGC
  5. Play golf with Alex
Unlocked after:The News Heist

Tax Deduction is the eleventh mission in San Andreas Connection.



Niko waiting in line.

After The News Heist, Niko takes time off in Mirror Park. After receiving an email regarding his cut from the aforementioned heist, Niko leaves and gets ready to go to the Pacific Standard Public Deposit Bank.

Niko arrives at the bank, and waits in line. After he is rung up by a teller, Niko explains his request.

"Yes, uh, I'm here to collect a check from a friend. It should be in the account already, I just want to confirm things, heh," Niko says, confidently but with a slight hint of nervousness. He gives the teller his account information.

The bank teller checks the computer and replies, "Yes, Mr. Bellic, you received your deposit today - fifty-five thousand dollars, from.....ah yes, Mr. Mitnick. Though, dare I say, this is a hefty sum of cash, Mr. Bellic." The teller chuckles.

"Heh, is." Niko replies, shaking slightly.

"Are you sure you don't want us to hold onto the money for a short while longer? Do you want us to confirm the wire is legitimate?"

Niko shrugs. "I guess, it's money from a friend who was very kind enough to lend a hand." Niko sweats on his forehead.

The bank teller lifts his head. "Mr. Bellic, are you sure you're alright? You seem flustered."

"Yes, I'm fine, heh, just not used to this amount of money is all." Niko replies, somewhat relieved after the tension.

"Very well then... we will confirm the transaction from Mr. Mitnick, and the amount will be deposited into your account. Thank you, Mr. Bellic."

Niko turns and waves, while leaving the bank. Upon exiting the bank, he receives a phone call from Lester.

"Hey Lest, what's up?" Niko says, walking away from the bank.

"Hehe, clearly your bank account after your little job. You did uh.. good. But that's not why I'm calling. I have someone I want you to meet. He's a fr-... associate of mine who's in need of some help. He pays good." Lester replies.

"Oh no, someone new? Here we go again. See you in a bit." Niko says, ending the conversation. He then immediately heads to Lester's garment factory.

At Lester's Garment Factory

Niko meeting Alex for the first time

Niko meeting Alex for the first time.

Niko steps out of his car and looks around outside, not noticing two dark figures holding snipers on the building opposite from the garment factory. He walks into Lester's office, noticing Lester and some man in a suit talking.

"As I was saying Mr. Crest, we can fix this-... Oh, hello. You must be Mr. Bellic?" The man says, extending his hand to Niko.

"Uh... yeah, that's me. Lester, you going to introduce me?" Niko replies, shaking the man's hand.

"Right right okay, Niko - meet Alex Vogil. He's a successful businessman and someone who's going to help us make it to the top!" Exclaims Lester, bouncing gleefully.

"But before I can work any of my magic, I need some favors done. I hear you're a man that can get things done, Mr. Bellic. Before I can have someone work so close to me I need to know a bit about them." Alex says to Niko. "And I've found the best way to do that is to treat them to a nice round of golf."

"Golf? I committed a major crime and now I'm going to play golf? Is this the American dream?" Niko says to the two sarcastically.

"Errr, I'd join you but uh, ya know, I've kinda got a wasting disease and, uh, work to do. So you two have fun alright?" Lester says, turning towards his computer. Alex turns his head to Niko and motions for him and Niko to leave the building.

"Los Santos Golf Club already has reservations for us. I hope your golf-game is as good as your work-game." Alex says, following Niko down the steps.

"We'll see." Niko replies, opening the door for Alex. Niko drives Alex to the Los Santos Golf Club.

Driving to Los Santos Golf Club

As Niko drives to LSGC, he converses with Alex.

"So uh, you seem a bit professional to be friend of Lester." Niko says, trying to start a conversation.

"I know a lot of people. People all over the country want my business. But tell me, Mr. Bellic, what do you want?"

"I just want to out of this life. I want to happy, maybe have my own business and family one day."

"Well I suppose that's what we all want in the end. Survival and happiness go hand-in-hand, or so we think."

"I suppose so."

Playing Golf


Niko and Alex talking at the golf course.

Niko and Alex arrive at the Golf Club and get into better clothing for the game. While playing golf, the two will have random conversations.

Conversation A

"So tell me Mr. Bellic, what are your skills?" Alex asks Niko, getting the conversation going again.

"I get things done."

"That's it, nothing specific?"

"No. I get things done as long as there is a paycheck."

"Fair enough. I like the sound of that."

Conversation B

"What kind of business do you own?" Niko asks Alex curiously.

"I run a vast array of businesses under a single organization."

"Well, such as?"

"Real estate, import/export, construction, you name it."

"Seems like a good business."

"Oh, it is. It really is."

Conversation C

"I've read up on your past, just to let you know" Alex says to Niko.

"Should I be worried?"

"No, in fact, you should be very happy. I've been needing someone who can just do whatever they're told."

"I don't do that 69 Shades of Cream shit if that's what you're getting at."

"No no. I keep things strictly professional, Mr. Bellic. I just need someone who can do some dirty work so I can keep my hands clean."

"Then look no further Mr. Vogil."

Conversation D

"How did you and Lester meet?" Niko asks Alex.

"I needed somebody who could set up a secure network for sensitive information."

"Yeah, but how did you find him?"

"He didn't do a very good job of leaving his fingerprints off a bank, and when my company was privately hired to investigate the raid we found his tracks. He proved to be profitable so we didn't take any action."

"Shit, you mean business."

"I am business."

After golf

After Niko finishes playing golf with Alex, a Super Volito helicopter lands in the center of the golf course. Two men in suits holding assault rifles step out and hold the back door open for Alex.

"I had fun, Mr. Bellic. I enjoyed our conversation and the solid game of golf. I have some business enquiresi I think you'd be perfect for. Do you mind if I get your number from Mr. Crest?" Alex asks Niko, stepping into the back of the Super Volito.

"Sure, go ahead. I'm always looking for work as long as it pays." Niko replies, waving as he takes a few steps back. Alex nods and then reaches for his phone. The two guards step back into the helicopter, shut the doors, and fly away. Niko walks off of the golf course and heads home.