Spark Incorporated
Spark Incorporated
CEO:Alex Vogil
Type:Private Security
Areas Served:
  • San Andreas
  • Liberty
  • Las Venturas
First Appearance: Episode I: The First Heist
"You better get over here then, he's trying to spook us!"
―Spark Soldier #104, Second Evaluation Commitee

Spark Incorporated/Spark Operations is the primary antagonist corporation of the web series The Libertonian.


Spark Incorporated was founded by previous IAA members in 2004. After deciding the corruption game wasn't feasible for their line of work, they decided to tackle a sinister approach to private security. With the help of private funders for the IAA, Spark Incorporated was easily able to gain funding through longtime investor Alan Platterson.

As a well-financed Black-Operations group, Spark Incorporated mainly focused on high-profile targets that proved too dangerous for even the government to make a move. As Alan Platterson put it, "They make Merryweather look like pancakes."


Spark soldiers protecting a Spark Incorporated plane

Spark Incorporated mainly consists of ex-cops, ex-military, and ex-private security. Primarily acting through the Deep Web, they recruited from the inside of large government agencies, such as the Federal Investigation Bureau, International Affairs Agency, Merryweather Security Consulting, and even the LSPD.

Spark will also work with anyone who can be profitable. In 2014, Spark Incorporated works hand-in-hand with Lester Crest to take on various business various business ventures - including manipulating The Trio and eventually attempting to kill them.


Spark Incorporated received funding under-the-table from longtime investor Alan Platterson, primary investor and fund manager for the IAA. Alan is the one who directed budgeting from the IAA to an "offshore company located somewhere in Central America". This made the IAA desperate for funding, when in 2013 the IAA brokered a deal with Humane Labs & Research to conduct a neurotoxin destined to launch across Los Santos in order to persuade the government to provide funding.



Standard issue 5.56mm Special Carbine with light attachment, tactical grip, drum magazine, suppressor and red dot sight

Spark utilizes the most advanced technology available. Special Carbines fitted with suppressors, strobe lights, laser sights, flash grenades, and high-caliber sniper rifles. All weapons have a bio-metric scanner built onto them, allowing only Spark soldiers to use the weapons. Every weapon is accuracy tested on a live target, along with water proof materials, making their arsenal extremely reliable.


Standard Spark soldier outfit

Spark soldiers are equipped to the teeth, as headshot attempts will mostly fail due to their bulletproof helmets. The helmets also offer a Heads Up Display of nearby Spark soldiers, along with coordinate listings and current objectives. Privately manufactured bullet proof armor deflects 9/10 standard bullets due to a thin putty material inside the armor that is nearly indestructible.

This makes Spark an extremely fierce faction to anger, and proves a great challenge for the Trio in 2014.


Spark Incorporated developed various top secret projects, including weaponry and general technology. Most of the projects never saw completion.

  • Exosuit technology - Wearable mobile machine that is powered by a system of motors, pneumatics, levers, hydraulics, or a combination of technologies that allow for limb movement, increased strength, and endurance.
  • Cybernetic chips - Chips placed on someones brain, allowing them to remotely communicate to a remote server. Also used for monitoring the user's life.
  • Disease cures - Various cures for varying diseases, including most cancers and hereditary disorders such as muscle deterioration and Alzheimer's disease.
  • Smart guns - Guns that will not fire at friendly targets. Requires cybernetic chips to identify friendlies.
  • Active camouflage - Camouflage that makes any person difficult to see. Figures seem to look like they're made of water, making them still barely visible.
  • Z-731 (Non-canon) - Nerve gas that destroys the brain of any creature than inhales it - causing the creature to resort to primal state. Seems to cause unusual hunger. Transferable via saliva.
  • Weather control - A super computer that can emit radioactive waves into the atmosphere, triggering storms.
  • Operation Cabal - [REDACTED]