Slow and Low

  • Go to the Dutch London St
  • Steal the Chino
  • Evade the Vagos
  • Return to Benny's shop
Unlocked after:...Greed
Unlocks:Modding at it's finest
Slow and Low is the first mission in Benny's mission strand in San Andreas Connection.


Niko walks up to Benny's Original Motor Works knocks on the garage door. The door slides open, revealing Benny, covered in grease and sweat.

"You Niko?" Benny says, wiping off his hands to give Niko a handshake.

"Depends, are you Benny?" Niko asks, shaking Benny's hand firmly.

"Then that's a yes. C'mon in man, I'll show you around." Benny replies, motioning Niko to follow him. As the two walk inside, Benny informs Niko about what the business is about and shows him some of their projects.

"Aight, so look, we're a car modification shop. We turn soccer mom vans into hood vans, ya know? We like to turn some normal car into a big project and sell it for a little bit of bread. So take this Moonbeam right here, yeah? We're turnin' this box into a lowriding van. Hydraulics, reinforced frame, high class shocks and struts, reinforced steering column, everything. Nothing goes untouched man." Benny tells Niko, knocking his knuckles against the body of the Moonbeam.


"And is this an entirely legitimate business? Nothing behind the curtains?" Niko asks, putting his hands together.

"Well see that's the thing man, some of the more, uhh, desired cars are harder to get our hands on. It took us two years just to get an outdated Adder. So sometimes we gotta take matters into our own hands by force." Benny says, chuckling a bit.

"So let me guess, you want me to be the guy who takes vehicles for you, potentially getting shot at in the process?" Niko asks, resting his arms and leaning against the Moonbeam.


"Niko, I think you and I are gonna be great business associates, hehe, you seem to know the game so well!" Benny replies, patting Niko on the back. "So in that case, I have a job for ya. I've heard about your skills but I wanna see them for myself. There's this Chino on Dutch London St in Rancho. Take it, bring it here, preferably in working order. Save us a bit of money, ya know? Get it here and you've got yourself a job bro."

"I just so happen to major in Grand Theft Auto." Niko says, waving while chuckling. He leaves the building.

Niko drives to Dutch London St and spots the Chino. He sneaks over and hops in but he doesn't go unnoticed as he's walking out.


"Hey, esa perra está tomando nuestro coche!" One Vago yells out, reaching for his pistol. Niko drives off, firing several rounds at pursuing gang members. He turns around corners without getting shot at too much, shooting gang members as he passes by.

Eventually, Niko makes it back to Benny's shop and drives inside. Benny is inside with a checklist, checking the vehicle's cosmetics at Niko pulls in.


"Some dirt, a little bit of body damage, probably some stains in the interior. The usual. You did good man, real damn good. I'll have some more work for you soon. Keep in touch bro." Benny says as he hands Niko $2,000.

Niko waves as he walks out, counting the bills with a smile.