Season 2 is the second season in the web series The Libertonian.


Following The First Raid and the successful Blitz Play organized by Lester, the Trio split up and head for separate cities, in the hopes that it confuses Spark while maintaining contact waiting for the heat to die down.

The Protagonist arrives in North Yankton following the trip to Liberty City after the plane's engine nearly dies in high altitude. The Protagonist is forced to make an emergency landing near Ludendorff, and searches for a fire extinguisher to repair the plane.

After finding an extinguisher, The Protagonist manages to regain altitude and flies east for Liberty State.

Meanwhile, Antonio heads north for San Fierro on the Great Ocean Highway just hours after the Blitz Play. After arriving at the proper freeway exit for the bridge to Northern San Andreas, the camera switches to Denis, who arrives at Los Santos International Airport via taxi. Denis boards a plane and heads to Las Venturas.

After several hours of flying, The Protagonist makes it safely in Liberty City, landing on a beach in Alderney.

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