Script Kiddies is the ?th mission in San Andreas Connection.


Niko arrives at Lester's garment factory to prepare planning the next heist. Exiting his vehicle, he enters the garment factory. "Hey Gary, you ready to set this thing up?" says Niko, walking up the stairs.

"Gary? Lester?" Niko scratches his head and enters the office. "Hey, any of you guys here?"

Niko enters the room adjacent to the office. "Nothing... this is really strange," Niko thinks to himself.

Niko calls Lester and asks what's going on and to explain the situation. "Lester, what's going on? I'm at the garment factory now and none of you guys are here. Gary and I were supposed to plan the next job,"

"That's odd....usually he's at the factory working on well, something. But he's not there.... let me check his phone signal," Lester's keyboard clatter can be heard in the background.

"Shit man, I hope he didn't get pinched... or did you sell him out?"

"That's ridiculous Niko. I may have put some pressure on you, but I wouldn't sell anyone out. You've proven too useful....okay, I have Gary's GPS tracked. He's actually on his way to the garment factory now, that's even more odd. Moving at a higher speed than usual too, his position on the map is going haywire. I'd be careful Niko, I'm not sure what's going on. Let me check his SMS history..."

"Alright, I'll keep a look out. Do you think he's coming to kill us?" Niko replies, with a serious tone.

"Nonsense. Gary might be a bit of a hardass at times, but he'd never kill us, that's for sure. Unless there's something I don't know..."

"You? Not knowing something? Heh, that's a first, Lest." Niko retorts.

"I may be a criminal mastermind, but I can't see or know everything, or be at two places at once, or control time with simultaneous nosebleeds, heh. Ah yes... I'm in his SMS history now. By the looks of things, he's been receiving some less than friendly texts from unknown or private numbers. Investigating messages..."

Niko readies his gun in case of a possible threat on the way, disengaging the safety mechanism on his pistol.

"Anything new?" says Niko.

"Hmm....okay, so, it looks like the same guys that you took out in prep for the Weazel News Job aren't too happy with what you did. I'm guessing they've "pwned" Gary, or his equipment, or both. I cannot confirm who's in his car right now, so be careful, this could be a ploy."

"Alright, I'll be careful."

"Put on your headset, I'll switch over to comms instead of this." Lester hangs up.

Niko stays inside waiting for Lester's signal and for Gary's vehicle to arrive.

"Okay, is this the correct frequency?" says Lester.

"Yep, you got me." Niko replies.

"Alright. Gary, or whoever, is advancing towards the building now. Get ready. I'd hide right now if I were you. Like, right now, heh."

Niko quickly finds a place to hide inside the building. After locating one, he waits.

"I'm in hiding now," says Niko, whispering in the headset.

A car door opening and closing can be heard. An individual quickly runs inside the building - it's Gary.

"Lester? Slav? Fuck," Gary kicks a box.

"Gary?" says Niko, holstering his pistol as he exits his hiding spot.

"Niko? You pulled out a fucking gun? How'd you know I was coming? You trying to shoot me? Is this you and Lester's plan to oust me?"

"Oust you? No man, Lester told me someone was coming towards the building so I tried to hide in case it was uh, the feds."

"Alright, whew. This is fucked though. Remember those script kiddies we stole from for the news job? Well, they're back. They fucking raided my apartment, stole ALL of my equipment we had leftover, including the NAS, which had a fantastic write speed by the way," Gary punches the wall.

"Hey.....calm down man. It's just equipment, we're cool. I just need to know who we're dealing with so we can clear them out. It'll be easy,"

"Easy? These aren't just script, these people are massive. Bigger than eHero ever was. They're called Team++, and they're fucking huge. I wouldn't be surprised if they have our phone signals hijacked right now... I noticed my cell signal acting funny on the way here."

"Sorry, that was me, heh," says Lester entering the building from behind.

"Lester? You came here?" says Gary, crossing his arms.

"Yes, I came here Gary, and you should know better than to mess with these people. Team++ is one of the largest hacking groups in the nation, and you just triggered their deathcamps to form an entourage. They fucking raided your APARTMENT, Gary, your fucking apartment. And if they have those files stored on those hard drives....FUCK, Gary!"

"You're right, I did store some leftover from the previous few jobs....goddamit, we're fucked aren't we? Bounties on our heads?"

"Guys, guys, calm the middle school drama down, okay? We can handle a group of hackers. I mean, we've handled the LSPD numerous times. Just let me do the work, okay? Then we can all calm the fuck down and chill." says Niko.

"You're right...the longer we sit here, the more time there is for us to be caught. I'll get started on triangulating their location. Niko, I'd start at the hacker's den that you cleared out recently. Maybe that'll offer some the meantime, I'll start gathering some intel - Gary, you do what you do. Stay here for now."

Niko leaves the building.