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Expanded Universe
San Andreas Connection
Release date-TBA-
ProtagonistsNiko Bellic

Los Santos

Blaine County

San Andreas Connection is an independent made story that takes place in the same universe as the web movie Liberty Incorporated.

The plot centers around Niko Bellic, a recent citizen of Liberty City, who has moved to Paleto Bay, San Andreas in March 2018. After receiving a mysterious text threatening to reveal all of Niko's past secrets, Niko is forced to work for criminal mastermind Lester Crest.


San Andreas Connection begins its story in July 2018, some time after the Blitz Play event occurs and ten years after Niko's time in Liberty City.

Niko moves to Paleto Bay in March 2014 after moving to The Carraways from Liberty City in 2009. Deciding that a more quiet life was better for Niko and his cousin, Roman, the two of them move to Paleto Bay, thus starting the events of San Andreas Connection.

San Andreas Connection's gameplay focuses on Los Santos and Blaine County, which revolves around a heavily modified alternate reality of the HD Universe. Taking place in the same universe as The Libertonian means that key events and characters will exist in regular gameplay.

The map is immediately accessible, although the story begins in Paleto Bay. Focusing on open-ended gameplay, various events and activities can be participated in all around the playable map.

While the story maintains a consistency revolving around linear storytelling, the player is not forced to participate in any events that may occur. This promotes the player to observe their surroundings and choose a style of play. For instance, certain missions may include multiple ways to complete the objective. Niko may choose to take an alternate route to the destination, improvise the situation, or contact an associate to complete the current goal. This emphasizes player choice and replayability within the world.

It is also possible, although rare, to come across characters that exist in regular gameplay. The player can choose to interact with them or ignore them altogether.


  1. Niko Bellic - Previous affiliate of the McReary Crime Family, United Liberty Paper Co., and numerous other organizations in Liberty City in 2008. Recently moved to Paleto Bay.
  2. Roman Bellic - Niko's cousin. Having moved to Paleto Bay with Niko, the two live out a quiet life until Niko meets Lester Crest during San Andreas Connection. Roman owns a small-town taxi company operating in Paleto County.
  3. Lester Crest - One of the central characters of San Andreas Connection. He arranges Niko to meet with the mysterious contact in June 2018, and acts as one of the three central characters.
  4. Gary Mitnick - Close affiliate of Lester Crest. Gary works with Niko and three other criminals to perform various jobs for Lester as well as for Gary's personal gain.
  5. Alex Vogil - CEO of Spark Incorporated, provides work for Niko.
  6. Alan Platterson - Top investor and head of financing for an unknown corporation. Close friend and affiliate of Lester.
  7. Aki Tanaka - Aspiring photojournalist covering the recent surge in crime in Los Santos.


Main Story

  1. Dark was the Dream... - Niko receives a mysterious phone call.
  2. ...Cold was the Storm - Niko and the mysterious caller meet.
  3. Back in Motion - Lester gives Niko some dirty work to do in order to test his skills.
  4. Boolean Integer - Lester introduces Niko to Gary.
  5. Airborne - Niko is tasked to take out the new CEO of iFruit Computers by blowing up their plane.
  6. Capitalist... - Lester tasks Niko with disabling the generator on the Wiwang building.
  7. ...Greed - Niko is instructed to escort a Very Important Person.
  8. Outlawing the Law - Niko reroutes the frequency of a radio signal to destroy a police communications channel.
  9. Hello World! - Niko meets with Gary to discuss plans for hijacking cable TV to send a message.
  10. The News Heist - HEIST - (all setups and finale) - Niko breaks into the Weazel News building.
  11. Tax Deduction - Niko confirms his payout with Lester Crest, but is called to Lester's garment factory to meet Alex Vogil.
  12. Four-Way - Alex tasks Niko with taking out multiple people who have wronged him.
  13. Expanding The Family - Lester and Gary take Niko to the eHero hideout to introduce him to some notorious hackers, and also task him with getting some new associates.
  14. The Serbian Connection - Niko and Roman spend some quality time together.
  15. Executive Search - Alex is under attack with only Niko to save him.
  16. Conflicting Interests - Alex, Gary and Lester plan the next raid.
  17. The Yacht Raid - HEIST - (all setups and finale) - Some dirty dollars need to be swiped from a luxury yacht.
  18. Branded... - Promote Alex's upcoming business venture.
  19. Caffeinated - Deliver the office's new coffee equipment from Alex.
  20. ...Branded - Promote Alex's upcoming business venture. (Finale)
  21. Headhunter - Track down CollEktiv figureheads and kill them.
  22. Kill.collektiv=true - Destroy CollEktiv's servers.
  23. Done Deal - Aid Alex on a risky business deal.
  24. Opening Eyes - Niko meets with Alan.

Benny's Missions

  1. Slow and Low - Niko sources some Lowriders for Benny to prove his abilities.
  2. Modding at it's finest - Benny tasks Niko with getting some luxury vehicle mods.
  3. Get a little higher - Niko has a lowrider bounce battle against Benny.
  4. Custom classics - Some old classics that Benny has restored need to be protected during a shipment.
  5. Gangbanging like it's '91 - Niko joins an associate of Benny on a car run.
  6. The Big Sale - Benny hires Niko for one last job.

Johnny's Missions

  1. TBD


  • eHero - A massive hacktivist group linked to several scandals, including hijacking the sites of massive corporations and blackmailing corrupt politicians.
  • CollEktiv - A large group of hackers, taking their crimes to the streets. Their only goal is to harm anyone who gets in their way, regardless if they're good or not. Making money is not their concern, only controlling anyone and everyone. Enemy of eHero.
  • Spark Incorporated - Massive corporation that controls a large portion of the United States, dealing with various types of business, both legal and illicit. Los Santos division is the only operating franchise that is corrupt. Frenemies with eHero.


Activities are optional side missions with their own unique gameplay elements, offering new and exciting ways to earn money.

Icon Name Summary
Crowd Control icon - ui hud act ico crowdcontrol Crowd Control Protect has-been celebrities from crazed fans and homeless people alike.
Demolition Derby icon - ui hud act ico demoderby Demolition Derby The unofficial American pastime. Destroy competitors cars with yours, just don’t kill too many people. That wouldn’t be cool.
Drug Trafficking icon - ui hud act ico drugtrafficking Drug Trafficking Protect ally drug dealers as they go along their daily routes.
Fight Club icon - ui hud act ico fightclub Fight Club Melee combat. Knock out enemy fighters in various illegal fighting arenas around Southern San Andreas.
FUZZ icon - ui hud act ico fuzz Vigilante Eliminate marked criminals and make Los Santos a safer place - for a payout. Caviar is optional.
Hitman icon - ui hud act ico hitman Hitman Untimed elimination of marked enemies. Locate and eliminate specific targets for high-paying clientel.
Mayhem icon - ui hud act ico mayhem Criminal Damage Destroy property. Blow up objects using vehicles or weapons for a payout.
UI act racing Racing Win (or lose) prized vehicles in underground street races.


Southern San Andreas is a vast landscape of things to see and do. Niko can partake in bike rides up Mount Chiliad or even search for the dark, hidden secrets scattered across the map.

  • Hunting - Hunt animals for money and glory. Ivory sold out, please check again later.
  • Tennis - Hone your hand/eye coordination with a friendly game of Tennis. FPS fans should take caution.
  • Golf - Live a stereotypical life of luxury by hitting a ball with a club on an expensive lawn. Prolonging the drought, one bogey at a time.
  • Hiking - Explore the expansive landscape with fellow exploration enthusiasts. Be sure to use brand-name equipment.
  • The Chiliad Mystery - Rumors have surrounded the mural on top of Mount Chiliad for years, leading many people to believe an ancient alien technology may be hidden somewhere in the state or that there could be supernatural ties. Not for the sane individual.
  • Photography - Participate in photo ops, build your portfolio, and progress in the overpriced, oversaturated market of picture taking. Selfies sold separately.
  • Hacking - Perform various dastardly deeds for Gary by infiltrating various levels of security within the world. Contact your System Administrator for more information.
  • Video Games - Test your skills with a controller or keyboard across various games, including shooters and racing games.
  • Shows - Fancy seeing a comedian try their latest routine? How about a skilled DJ churning out the same music over and over?


New underground weapon shops have opened up across Los Santos and Blaine county, offering new weapons at great prices.

  • Shovel - Whether you're a landscaper or a curious teen in a graveyard, there's nothing a shovel can't do.
  • Fire Axe - Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands, whether it be saving someone from a burning building or silencing the neighbor's noisy dog.
  • Compact Pistol - Police and alt-right gun owners love this piece, and we have a feeling you will too.
  • Rubber Gun - A small uzi-like weapon that fires rubber pellets to incapacitate a target.
  • Electric PDW - Tasers are your standard form of non-lethal self defense, but are they really that reliable? What if we turned one into a submachine gun?
  • Automatic Shotgun - A street sweeping classic, beloved by campers and spray-and-prayers. Optional explosive shells available for purchase.
  • Heavy Rifle - Every conspiracy theorist wants a military-grade assault rifle, so why not crooks too?
  • Kruger - Putting holes and slashing your foes should go hand in hand. With a name like this, you'll put fear in every terrorist that comes your way.
  • Antique MG - Massive machine gun that can take down planes and heavy vehicles alike.
  • Assault MG - Portable MG that can tear through groups of angry protesters and hardened criminals alike.
  • Assault Sniper - Pop heads and organs from a long range. Intended for military use.
  • Programmable AR - Grenade launcher with computerized air burst rounds


Players will be able to earn achievements for completing milestones, which also unlocks content. For more information, see Achievements.

Radio stations

New stations and songs have popped up in southern San Andreas, introducing new songs and genres to the population.

New Stations (New genres)

  • eHero Underground (Misc) - Radio station that plays propaganda for eHero Underground and some music.
  • Nightride FM (Retrowave / Synthwave) - Electronic throwback songs for the (would be) nostalgic adults.
  • Electro Choc LS (High-density electronica) - Los Santos' very own rebrand of Electro Choc, complete with fast-paced EDM and narcotics for all.
  • DMA FM (Various) - Classic songs from various Rockstar Games titles.
  • Mouthoff Radio (Talk) - An up and coming talk radio show, hosted in beautiful Liberty City.

Previous Stations (New songs for stations)

  • Non-Stop-Pop FM (Pop) - High-octane pop music for those twenty-somethings that refuse to go to bed, or bored housewives on another weekend bender.
  • Vinewood Boulevard Radio (Alternative rock/indie rock/math rock/psych rock) - The true alternative radio station for tastes that aren't generic enough.
  • Los Santos Rock Radio (Rock/yacht rock/new wave) - More generic rock jams for generic people, including angsty teenagers and yacht owners.
  • Radio Mirror Park (New Wave, Chillwave, Synthpop) - For edgy counter-culture denizens of Mirror Park.
  • Radio Los Santos (Hip-Hop/Rap) - Latest Hip-Hop and Rap, hitting the radio waves of Los Santos.
  • Space 103.2 (Funk, Disco) - Hits from the 80s and 70s, for your ears only - because you discovered it, right?
  • The Lowdown 91.1 (Funk, R&B) - Helping you keep your cool, ya dig?

Replacements (New stations in place of old ones)

  • CN JBVO FM (GENRE? - Replaces FlyLo FM) - Nostalgic tracks from a somewhat forgotten era in television. Hosted by another charicature of classic entertainment.

Expansion packs

San Andreas Connection also has a selection of lore-filled expansion packs that expand upon the story and gameplay possibilities.

Story Expansions

  1. Investment and Sin - Niko builds Bellic Enterprises by expanding it into many different business platforms.
  2. Angels Of Death - Players take the role of Axel Loch, a longtime member of the Angels of Death, returning the outskirts of Las Venturas after serving in the Middle-Eastern war. Axel must rebuild the Angels of Death, restoring the AoD's power in the Goshute Desert.
  3. Undead Nightmare - (Non-canon) A zombie apocalypse starts in Southern San Andreas. May be scrapped.
  4. Raids and Robberies - Niko is contacted by an affiliate of Gary with a few new opportunities for Niko. May be scrapped.
  5. Closing The Book - Alex has gone too far and has started a diabolical plan to take over San Andreas. An old contact, Karen Daniels, contacts Niko - proposing one final assassination. May be scrapped.

Content Packages

  1. Alex's Arsenal - Get access to some of Spark Incorporated's secret weaponry.
  2. Slasher Pack - Bloodsoaked coveralls, weathered masks and sharp blades. What's not to love?
  3. Rockstar Classics - Various outfits of popular Rockstar Games characters.