Niko wearing the Exosuit.

The SPRK-1471 Exosuit is an exoskeleton designed by Spark Incorporated. It never passed final development. Less than five currently exist.


  • Improved strength - Due the the motors for each joint, the user is lift heavier objects. The 1471 model can only move some vehicles, though.
  • Improved endurance - The user will never get tired whilst sprinting, and is able to run and swim much faster.
  • Improved jumping - Thanks to the hydraulics system, the user can jump over buildings with minimal effort.
  • Automatic healing - Users are able to regenerate all health lost, even when moving.
  • Active Camouflage - Through the use of crystalline generation, the exosuit is able to absorb and bending incoming wave spectrums such as visible light, infrared and microwaves.


The SPRK-1471 is powered by kinetic energy. A miniature Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) is stored within the suit, storing kinetic energy gained from movement. A power supply, dubbed K2W converts the kinetic energy into a usable energy.

Crystal Technology


Niko wearing the exosuit (back).

The exosuit is fitted a small crystal, used to spread an emulated surface over the user, refereed to as mirroring, to cloak the user. Since the crystal is clear, the emulated surface that is forced upon the user is also clear, making the user of the suit nearly invisible. As energy passes through the crystal, light and returned energy passes through migration holes, allowing the emulated surface to cover the user and allow ventilation to the mechanism.


The SPRK-1471 utilizes a special operating system, ExOS, that can gather information about it's user just by being worn. By utilizing the radiation-powered scanning mechanism in the back plate, ExOS can learn the limits of each person that wears it, allowing it to see what needs to be adjusted for the user.

ExOS is capable of communicating with it's user, to a minimal degree. The sound card in the back plate is able to translate binary data to phyiscal sound, relaying messages from the operating system to the user.

Voice phrases

  • "ExOS initialized. SPRK-1471 firmware online. Ready for initial setup. Detecting user... User not found. Generating SUID. Complete." - First time setup with a non-Spark user.
  • "Damage critical, cover recommended." - Low health is detected.
  • "Strength boosted. Use with caution." - Played on rare occasion when attacking with melee.
  • "Releasing hydraulic power." - Played on rare occasion when jumping.
  • "Shutdown request received. Disabling active processes. Powering down." - Exiting the exoskeleton.