"Let's take them down... TOGETHER!"
―Roman, in the mission "...Greed"
Roman Bellic is Niko's cousin and a central character in San Andreas Connection.


Roman grew up with his cousin, Niko, in the Balkans for much of their life. Roman's mother primarily helped raise them. During the Yugoslav War, Roman stayed behind while Niko fought with many of their friends in their village. After the war, Roman's mother used much of her savings to send Roman to Liberty City in 1998, so he could start a new life away from the "old country", as Niko and Roman call it. Niko, however, stayed behind, but had trouble finding steady work.

10 years after arriving in Liberty City, Niko leaves for the United States in the "Platypus", a cargo ship. During Niko's time with Roman, the both of them were drawn into the criminal underworld, while Niko sought to help pay for Roman's gambling debts that he has accumulated.

Eventually, Niko and Roman settled down in The Carraways, in 2009. Eventually, they moved to Paleto Bay, San Andreas, feeling that there were "too many bad memories" in Liberty. Several months after moving, the events of San Andreas Connection are set in motion.

Events of San Andreas Connection