Outlawing the Law

Boss:Gary Mitnick
  • Go to the Garment Factory
  • Go to the Vinewood Sign
  • Kill the Guards
  • Reprogram the Tower
Unlocked after:...Greed
Unlocks:Hello world!
Outlawing the Law is the 8th mission in San Andreas Connection.


Niko is seen staring at his phone in his apartment. He scrolls through the recent calls and looks directly at the first call he ever received from Lester.

"He must think I'm an idiot." Niko mumbles, closing out the phone application. Immediately after closing, he receives a call from Gary.

"The garment factory. Now. Don't worry about bringing a weapon. I've got heat in my lap." Gary says, hanging up immediately after.

"I guess that's it then..." Niko says, standing up then walking out of his apartment. Upon exiting the apartment, the player is instructed to drive to the garment factory.

Niko arrives at the factory, taking a few steps towards the doors until Gary bursts out of them. Gary hands Niko a Combat PDW and shows him the screen of his phone.

"Right now there is a Government gimp who's investigating our operation. He's sent various squads to investigate our warehouses - poked around our stock and shit, you know how people are. I've sent some people to deal with the goons who're bothering our businesses, but right now they've got a slim chance for survival unless you eradicate the communications frequency being used by those chumps. I want you to kill anyone around their tower and reroute the frequency to eHero Underground. This way we'll have another tower under our control and we'll be destroying their chances at fucking with our operation. I don't want anything less than success." Gary says to Niko, walking with him to Niko's car.

"Shit man, how am I gonna change their frequency? I'm not an engineer!" Niko asks Gary, inspecting the weapon. Gary reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out a small computer.

"Attach this to the tower's input box, press start on the control panel. Easy, even those mutes couldn't fuck this up. Then again that one did have difficulty robbing that little shop 'n' rob... but anyhow, get it done alright?" Gary says, pointing at the screen on the device.

"Mutes? What? Fuck, why're we getting attacked anyway?" Niko asks, starting his car.


"I'll explain later. It's government-related, if that's any indication. Just get to the radio tower behind the Vinewood sign and kill anyone you see. Their clean cut suits won't deflect bullets, skin isn't impervious to bullets either - unless they've got that skin-tec shit I read about... f-fuck just go okay? Go!" Gary tells Niko, tapping the roof of Niko's car. Niko speeds off towards the Vinewood sign, only to be greeted by dozens of guards in suits.


Niko climbs over the fence, taking out multiple guards in the process. An intruder alarm begins to play as Niko kills the guards. Even though the guards are armed with Assault SMGs, they're still no match for Niko. After all the guards are killed, Niko receives a call from Gary.

"I saw what you did on some satellite footage. You did good. I'll disable the alarm, just reprogram that fuckin' tower!" Gary says to Niko, keyboard typing heard loudly in the background.

Niko places the device onto the tower, plugs the wire into the input port on the tower and presses start on the application screen. The then starts broadcasting eHero Underground to all the residents of Los Santos. Niko takes a few steps back, wipes the sweat off of his forehead and walks away from the tower, thus ending the mission.