Radio Station
Nightride FM
HostFruit Desktop Computer
GenreRetrowave / Synthwave
AppearancesSan Andreas Connection
Nightride FM is a radio station in San Andreas Connection. It plays Retrowave, as well as Synthwave.


Nightride FM first began in late 2013. It was kickstarted by a vast array of people across Los Santos who started an online petition to "Make Los Santos explore more aesthetics". The petition was a success, and Nightride FM hit the radiowaves soon after.


Nightride FM plays Retrowave as well as Synthwave. The station has no host; instead it is a playlist running on a Fruit Desktop Computer from the 1980's, further cementing its widespread appeal amongst would-be adults. This station replaces The Lab from Grand Theft Auto V.


  1. Mitch Murder - Night Train
  2. Tesla Boy - Rebecca
  3. Jordan F - Abandoned Streets (Short Version)
  4. Kavinsky - Nightcall
  5. Lazerhawk - Overdrive
  6. Miami Nights 1984 - Early Summer
  7. Lifelike - So Electric
  8. HOME - New Machines
  9. Kavinsky - Protovision
  10. Mitch Murder - Remember When
  11. Scattle - Knock Knock
  12. Grum - Through The Night
  13. Garth Knight - Silent Strike
  14. Lazerhawk - So Far Away
  15. Flashworx - Futurisma
  16. Com Truise - Flightwave
  17. SAINT PEPSI - Cherry Pepsi
  18. Linea Aspera - Synapse
  19. Miami Nights 1984 - Clutch
  20. Kavinsky - Odd Look
  21. Futurecop! feat. Cavliers of Fun - Antlantis 1997
  22. Le Cassette - Arms of Mine
  23. HOME - Resonance
  24. HOME - Resonance (Runaway Remix)
  25. Grum - Heartbeats (Nightride FM mix)
  26. Trevor Something - All Night


  • HOME - Resonance appears many times in both The Libertonian and San Andreas Connection.
  • Com Truise is a play on words of the real-life actor, Tom Cruise.
  • The headline of the Nightride FM's petition, "Make Los Santos explore more aesthetics", is a reference to the internet sub-culture, referring to retrowave/vaporwave's style as "aesthetics", commonly displayed on album artwork present within the genre.
  • Kavinsky - Nightcall was one of the songs rumored to appear in Grand Theft Auto V, but never made an appearance.


  • Nightride FM replaces The Lab, therefore the .gxt2 entry "RADIO_20_THELAB" in global.gx2 must be updated manually with each update.
  • Due to the fact that The Lab is a two-part non-stop stream, time points for songs is impossible, so instead the artists are listed at "FRUIT_PLAYLIST_04.FPL" and songs are "My Fruit Computer".
  • The Lab is stored in "patchday3ng".