Liberty Incorporated, also known as Liberty, Inc. or simply L Inc. is the Trio's corporation, specializing in shipping cargo and other avenues of business. Its headquarters is located at Maze Bank Tower, Los Santos.


After Lester Crest met the Trio, the potential was clear. Lester's resources combined with the Trio's criminal abilities proved an insurmountable amount of power, after performing numerous successful heists across the state. After the Pacific Standard Job, Lester founded Liberty Inc., appointing Denis and The Protagonist as Presidents, and Antonio being the COO (Chief Operating Officer). While business was initially small, it rapidly grew over the course of several days, and revenue was booming.

Liberty Inc's stock prices rose to incredibly high prices on the stock market, being a both privately-traded company, and publicly-traded. Using aliases with the help of Lester, investors would never have to meet the Trio in person, instead trading through the BAWSAQ. All forms of communication were performed through Lester himself.

This all comes to an end during The First Raid, when Spark raids the Trio and Liberty Inc's headquarters. With no other option, The Protagonist is forced to return to the headquarters and carry as much of the company's savings as possible with him.

Sometime after the raid, Liberty Inc's headquarters is fully absorbed by Alex Vogil, using the facilities for his own uses, further expanding Spark Incorporated's reach in Los Santos.