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Lester Crest
Lester photo nextgen
Also known as:
  • Lest
  • Wheels
  • Lester the Molester
  • Moe
  • Uncle Lester
Main affiliation:
"We are about to put the Darwinism back in Social Darwinism, and brother, it is gonna be fun."
― Lester Crest
Lester Crest is a major character in The Libertonian, serving as the primary hacker for The Trio and the boss of Niko Bellic in San Andreas Connection.


Lester serves as the "central hub" of The Pacific Standard Heist Crew and is a valuable asset to the Trio. He serves as go-between, Heist Planner, information gatherer, criminal mastermind, hacker, and overall maintaining stability in the Trio.

Lester was the one responsible for igniting the State of Emergency in San Andreas, proliferating the presence of Spark Incorporated in Southern San Andreas, establishing the Trio's prominence in the criminal underworld, and securing the Trio's financial future.

Lester suffers from a wasting disease, and is now confined to a wheelchair and using a cane.


Lester is cautious with how he tackles a heist opportunity, but is nevertheless enthusiastic when a heist is successful. Despite this, Lester has managed to remain anonymous, from the FIB and oddly, the IAA. This makes Lester a valuable asset for the Trio and in the criminal underworld.

Lester is often cocky when it comes to pure dialogue, and will not pass the opportunity to make fun of members of the Trio. He is even noted calling Gary Mitnick, "Mitdick", "Dick", "Chump", and even, "Plastic Pusher". However, Lester acknowledges the appropriate situations when to stay focused, such as during heists.

Lester considers the Trio "unpredictable", yet calls them "the best crew I've had since 04". This may be a reference to Lester's previous crew operating out of North Yankton.

While he respects Niko Bellic, Lester will go out of his way to draw out jokes and punchlines that anger Niko during the course of San Andreas Connection. This means Lester may have a personal bias towards people originating in the Yugoslavia region of Europe.

Lester is known to drink heavy liquor, similarly to Daniel.

Lester is known to spy on sorority girls and former classmates, which can be confirmed via his LifeInvader page.

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