Boss: Gary Mitnick
  1. Head to the CollEktive hideout
  2. Kill everyone
  3. Steal the tech
  4. Go to the Garment Factory
Unlocked after:Headhunter
Unlocks:Done Deal

Kill.collektiv=true is the twenty-second mission in San Andreas Connection.


Niko receives a call from Gary.

"Slav, we know where they're hiding. Come by the garment factory, I'll explain more there."

"What? Stealing their phones isn't good enough for you?" says Niko.

"Of course not, we need them dead, that's the plan. But I also want their data, and their hardware. I'll tell you more when you get here."


Niko arrives at the factory and meets Gary in the office.

"So you're going to take out the LS chapter of my long beloved rivals," says Gary, in the middle of soldering something together.

"You want them all dead? No specific guys you want last words from? No body parts, organs, things like that?" says Niko, sitting down.

"God no. Niko, I'm not a doctor, you should know. They need to be wiped off the face of the planet, though. These fucks have been all over my case for years."

"What have they done, exactly? They sound just like any other generic bad guy group."

"For starters, they formed from NeChan, which automatically makes them an embarrassment to society and the rest of our little community. It's some half-assed messaging board, not important. Anyways, they've always been a pest. They've leaked health clinic databases, taken down major servers for games I play occasionally, publicly shamed people without evidence, the usual shit you'd expect. All because their name holds "power", they can say anything and it's taken seriously." Gary switches the soldering iron off and turns his chair towards Niko.

"Haven't you leaked databases before, Gary?"

"Yes, but not relating to healthcare. These fuckers genuinely want to cause death. I only caused problems for the CEOs. Completely different story. Besides, they did it for the money, I did it because I wanted to expose lies. See how that works out?"

"I guess you're right. Uh, what are these guys' names? Who do they work for?"

"CollEktiv - Collective, but with E and K, and without the E - also, the first E is capitalized. I know, really edgy. They try to act tough, all it does is make them look like panzy asses."

Niko sighs. "Can we just uh, talk about killing them now?"

"Sure, sure, yeah. Okay, remember the phones I had you steal? Well I was able to reverse-engineer some shit from those .rpk doo-dadds, and found the location to their hideout. You're gonna go there, and kill everyone you see. Once they're all dead, load up their hardware into your vehicle, as much as it can carry. We're going to steal everything and their Liberty Chapter won't be able to do jack. Then, torch the place somehow. Make a big fire, use that nose of yours, whatever works."

"Sounds good. Just tell me where and it's done. And uh, what hardware am I looking for? Computer Desktops, disk drives, TV Monitors, anything specific?" says Niko.

"Definitely their drives, we need to see what they've got. They should have a server there filled with data. The hideout's in Strawberry, I'll send you the coordinates."

Niko leaves the building.

Arriving at the Hideout

Niko and Gary communicate via radio.

"Okay, I'm here. Any last requests before I take the trash out?" says Niko.

"Just take it outside. Remember to bring the stuff back." says Gary.

"Alright." Niko replies. He enters the building and clears out several CollEktiv guards. Once the guards are cleared out Niko loads a bunch of tech into his vehicle.

Driving to the factory

"Hey, Gary, I've got the computer parts. There were a few guards inside, nothing major though."

"Good. Get over here so I can check everything out. I wanna see how much rule 34 they've got stashed in there."

"Rule 34?"

"Porn. If something exists, there is porn of it."

"Your priorities are clearly in check..."

At the factory

Niko pulls into a parking spot and exits the vehicle and walks off. No fancy cutscene, direct gameplay.