Expanded Universe (Add-on)
Investment and Sin
  • theNGclan
  • The7thOne
Release date-TBA-
ProtagonistsNiko Bellic
Investment and Sin is an expansion for San Andreas Connection.


Investment and Sin picks up immediately where San Andreas Connection leaves off. Niko and Roman Bellic are left with Alex's old office (previously belonging to Daniel Schatzmann) and a guide to get their business up and running. With their new trusty assistant, Jaqlynn Connett, the Bellics must build their empire from the ground up.

This expansion focuses on property ownership and management. The player must make wise business decisions to generate the most amount of cash possible. Businesses can be purchased and assigned a general purpose, such as a fine-dining restaurant or a cocaine lockup. Every business type offers a different utility to the world of Southern San Andreas.




While the overall gameplay remains in-tact from the base game, Investment and Sin adds new possibilities for the player, such as property ownership and empire building. The features include but are not limited to:

  • Business Ownership - Acquire and manage businesses.
    • Cocaine Lockup - Produce high-quality cocaine for the high society of Los Santos.
    • Weed Grow-house - Grow dank kush for the 20-somethings attending LS Community College.
    • Meth Lab - Cook up some powerful methamphetamine for the rednecks in Sandy Shores.
    • Forgery - Create fake IDs and Licenses for various groups of people across the country.
    • Counterfeit Cash - Mark up some fake bills for the financially lucrative.
    • Weapon Production - Build and run an arms dealership for various groups of people across the country.
    • Restaurant - Serve fresh (or greasy) food to the residents of Southern San Andreas.
    • Taxi Service - Escort the citizens of Los Santos to their destinations.
    • Private Security - Protect VIPs around Southern San Andreas.
    • Nightclub - Construct the best nightclub to ever hit Southern San Andreas.
    • Heisting - Front the money for a professionally performed heist.
    • Import / Export - Steal and deal vehicles to the highfalutin.
    • Investment - Make close business associates with various businesses across Southern San Andreas.
  • Stock Market overhauled - You can now not only purchase shares in companies, but acquire entire fractions of companies, raking in easy cash.
  • Two bank accounts - Niko's personal stash of money is separate from his new Bellic Enterprises bank account, so the player will be less likely to go bankrupt.
  • New non-business missions - Somehow low on cash to start a business empire? New solo missions will help you on your feet.
  • New suits and weapons skins - Oversee business deals in classy tuxedos or wield luxury-finished weapons such as the double barrel sawn off. Whichever works best.


Tutorial Strand

  1. Let's get this started - Purchase a business, with the help of Roman and Jaqlynn.

Meth Lab

  1. Meth Jacked - A crew has managed to steal your product.
  2. Deal Breaker - A meth deal has gone horribly wrong.
  3. Busted! - Your meth lab is under attack from law enforcement.
  4. Say My Name... - Get an armored van for your lab.

Cocaine Lockup

  1. Half of Bolivia - Buy out (or steal) a coke shipment business.
  2. Cut and Run - Someone didn't buy for their powder. Deal with them.
  3. It's Just Business - Take out a rival cocaine distribution group.
  4. Sugar Run - Take out the in-house thief.


  1. Selfish Selfies - Source high quality cameras.
  2. Generic Threads - Steal some discount clothes.
  3. High Altitude - Take photos of various LS landmarks for backdrops.
  4. Depleted - Get some more ink.

Counterfeit Cash