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Niko awaiting his target

Hitman is an Activity in San Andreas Connection.


Hitman can be done at any time when not on a mission. Once the player walks into the start sphere, they are given an entire list of hits that they can take out. They can check mark what target to look out for, and can swap between them / disable them via the pause menu.

Hits have all sorts of prerequisites. Some require Niko to wear specific outfits, others require certain activities to be done. Once the hit is visible, the player can take them out. You cannot fail hits, just not complete them. you can retry as many times as needed.



  • Ray Cumfart - Crazy wingnut Epsilonist extremist - Must be wearing Epsilon robes near the Epsilon building.
  • Bill Farber - Angry forum user who makes modifications for video games - Go to his house in Vespucci Canals.
  • Chris Dinker - Retired member of Humane Labs - Find him on his Laptop on Vespucci Blvd.
  • Dick Hedd - Former porn actor - Will be driving around Vinewood Hills.
  • Mike Hunt - Musician that works for video game company - Playing the guitar at Vespucci Pier.
  • Han Douser - Cousin of Ham Souser, writer for video game company - Using his laptop outside of the Lifeinvader building.
  • Ham Souser - Cousin of Han Douser - Picking fights with bums under Del Perro Freeway.
  • Erin Bargut - Previous resident of Anywhere City - Typically seen outside of Bean Machine Coffee in East LS.
  • Jared Saunders - A furry who moved from San Fierro to Mirror Park - Typically seen outside of Crock-A-Hoop at Rockford Plaza.
  • Gregory Indianasford - Software Engineer at FacadeCorp - Usually can be found near Sandy Shores.
  • Florian Dautovic - Serbian immigrant - Seen near the garment factory in East LS.
  • John Smith - Retired investment banker - Can be found in Los Santos.
  • Harry Knilson - Exiled biker from the Angels of Death - Seem riding his bike around Paleto Bay.