Boss: Gary Mitnick
  1. Take out D33ZNUT5
  2. Collect the phone
  3. Take out Install_Wizard
  4. Collect the phone
  5. Take out P-litical
  6. Collect the phone
  7. Meet with Gary
Unlocked after:...Branded
Headhunter is the twenty-first mission in San Andreas Connection.


Niko walks into the garment factory, noticing Gary frantically setting up a large computer.

"Hey! Gary! I'm here!" Niko yells, walking up the steps.

"Yeah yeah, I saw you coming minutes ago. Hey, uh, help me lift this?" Gary says and he points to a large container full of some sort of fluid. Niko helps Gary lift it onto a nearby table, and Gary hooks up the tubes connecting it to the computer.

"This, my boy, is a military grade server. A friend of mine brought it here this morning. He kinds looks like you actually. Just, uh... uglier. Anyway!" Gary says, typing away on the computer's keyboard.

"Thanks." Niko replies sarcastically.

"Those guys who attacked you the other day? They're this group called CollEktiv. They're all about tearing shit up and taking control of everything, kind of like Alex - just less corporate. You're gonna take out some of the top guys that're in CollEktiv." Gary tells Niko, adjusting the position of a monitor.

"Sounds too easy. They're guarded, right?" Niko asks.

"Well, yeah, they're guarded, so you kill the guards too. Then you take the target's phone and bring it here. They'll probably ping the phone though, so make sure you don't have anyone on your tail." Gary replies. Niko shrugs and looks at the computer.

"Those guys seem pretty serious Gary, this better pay good. I'm putting my neck on the line for you after all... And what's this computer for anyway?" Niko asks.

"Twelve G's, that's good pay, right? More than enough for killing some script kiddies with some guns. The machine? We're going to use her to find their hideout and wipe them out. You're good at that." Gary spits back, reaching for a cup of coffee. Niko sighs and leaves the building. Upon exiting the building he receives a text message disclosing their locations.

The player must take out each group of people, taking the cell phones of the targets, and bring them to the garment factory.

Delivering the phones

Niko walks inside the garment factory with three phones in his hands.

"Phones are here! Nearly died getting them, but they better be worth it!" Niko yells and he walks up the stairs. Gary is hooking up phone charging cords to the server computer.

"Alright, yeah, thanks. These are what I need. I'll root the devices, peak inside the .rpk files and see what I can find. With any luck, we can find out their hideout and clear them out." Gary tells Niko. Niko hands Gary the phones.

"Enjoy." Niko says and he walks away.