Executive Search

Boss: Alex Vogil
  1. Go to Vespucci
  2. Guard Alex
  3. Leave the area
Unlocked after:The Serbian Connection

Conflicting Interests

Executive Search is the fifteenth mission in San Andreas Connection.


Niko receives a call from Alex.

"Hey Alex, what do you need?" says Niko.

"Mr. Bellic, I need your help. I have reason to believe after I issued you to take care of my dry cleaning, you ticked off the owner of the store. Now he's trying to get me to pay with interest. Can you come over here and protect me from him?"

"Shit, alright. Where are you?"

"Vespucci. Come quickly."

Niko ends the call and heads to Alex's location.

Upon arriving, Niko sees Alex hiding behind a wall in an alley.

"Alright, I'm here. So what exactly is going on?" says Niko.

"The people I tasked you with killing had powerful contacts, and now they're suspecting it was me. Somehow, they found my location. I need you to protect me as they sweep the area."

"Alright. Take cover, I'll get ready."

"Will do. Here - take this headset." Niko catches the headset and wears it.

"Fuck..." Niko thinks to himself.

Niko takes position at a strategic location. "Okay... so who exactly are we looking for?"

"Rogue corporate drones. Likely private security guards. Just look out for anyone suspicious."

Niko continues to take cover. "I don't see anyone yet, Alex."

"That's fine. Maybe they took a coffee break. That gives us more room to get ready."

"Fuck, now I want some coffee..." Niko thinks to himself.

Niko notices several unmarked SUVs park quickly nearby. "Alex, get ready. I think this is it." says Niko.

"Alright. Just get the job done. We have maybe 10 minutes before they call off the search."

A group of security guards exit the unmarked vehicles. "Alright, look for him. Bald, beard, glasses, oversized suit, whatever. Just find him."

Niko takes out the group. "Shit, he's got backup!" says one of the guards nearby.

Niko takes out the other guard. "Alex, we need to get to another position. I think they know we're here now."

"Alright, fine, I'll follow you."

Niko brings Alex to a nearby building. "Okay, we should be fine here. What did you say, 10 minutes?"

"Yes, 10 minutes, before they reach their deadline for the search. It's a profit thing."

"Okay...." says Niko.

Several moments later, Niko notices some security guards observing the area. "Okay....we're looking for this guy."

Niko acts quickly and kills several of the guards. "Fuck, this guy has backup!" yells out one of the guards.

Niko kills another guard. Another unmarked SUV quickly arrives at the scene.

"Get the fuck away!" Niko yells out, as he kills the rest of the guards.

"Alex, we need to move again."

"Alright....we have about 3 more minutes."

Niko and Alex head to another nearby building within the search zone.

"Fuck, they're already here! Get in cover, Alex!" says Niko, as more guards spot Niko and Alex moving locations.

"They're moving locations! Lock down the area!" cries one of the guards.

"Fucking hell, there's more of them. Work your magic, Niko." says Alex over the headset, hiding.

Niko takes out more of the guards. Several waves later, Alex talks to Niko over the headset.

"Time's up. I think that's the deadline. They should be gone now. Either that or you killed all of them."

"Fuck, Alex. Who the hell did you make me kill? These guys seem serious."

"Rogue agents who decided the paycheck provided by security work wasn't enough, or private security organizations who bribed opposing corporations. I think we pissed off one too many... Thanks for the help either way, Mr. Bellic. Your work won't be forgotten."

"Eh, thanks, I guess. Do you need a ride?"

"No, I'll call a cab. Thanks anyway."

Niko and Alex part ways.