Euphoria FM is a radio station in San Andreas Connection. It plays ambient/electronic music.


Euphoria FM was created originally in 1997 by beginning artist Euphoria, who started his career in music a year earlier. After a name change in the band some years later, the radio station quickly faded away due to brand recognition being lost.

However, the station picked up again in 2002, after Euphoria's name change to Maturo, and album sales soared with the release of his third album. Originally broadcasting on the AM frequency, the station has since changed to an FM frequency, broadcasting at 91.7.


Euphoria FM plays a mix of ambient and electronic music, all composed by the station's creator, Maturo.


  1. Maturo-ALT - Dominion
  2. Maturo-ALT - Claustrophobic
  3. Maturo - Passage (Euphoria FM Radio Edit)
  4. Maturo - NeverTech
  5. Maturo - Shadowless
  6. Maturo - Awakenings (Euphoria FM Radio Edit)
  7. Maturo - Echos of Indus
  8. Maturo-ALT - Anomalist


  • "Passage" is the song used during Daniel's Nightmare.