The Libertonian
Episode 2: Empire
EpisodeEmpire (2)
Air dateOctober 18, 2016
  • The7thOne
  • theNGclan
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Empire is the second episode in The Libertonian.


Daniel arrives at the new office and is greeted by Lester. After a brief reintroduction, Lester leaves the foyer to prepare the office for Denis and Antonio. Daniel calls Denis, but Lester emails Denis with details beforehand.


Subject: New Office, Job Opportunity

Come to Maze Bank Tower, top floor. Me and Daniel are here. Bring Antonio.


Denis is stuck in traffic and is repeatedly greeted by red lights. Frustrated, he cuts through traffic in a parking lot, much to the law's dismay.

Denis finally arrives at Antonio's apartment in Vespucci, and the two of them head to the office.

Upon arriving, they are greeted by Daniel, showing his obvious disapproval, but arousal, of the new job opportunity. Denis and Antonio are confused, but play along. They follow him into the next room over, where Lester has setup the television screen.

After another brief reintroduction and remarking at the Trio's success at Pacific Standard, Lester turns on the TV and shows the Trio their new company - Liberty Incorporated - on the Liberty City National stock market. The Trio, still confused, are unable to respond feasibly. Lester gets up from the couch and leaves to the other room, where a planning board and 3D map of southern San Andreas is displayed. The Trio follow him inside, but Daniel leaves the room briefly to make some coffee.

After the brief coffee break, the Trio reunite in the planning room. Lester places photographs on the board, while the Trio watch, unable to respond again. With Lester seemingly unable to create enthusiasm within the office, he shows his distaste in their lack of interest and exclaims that they have a deadline they must fulfill. Lester leaves the office, with the Trio again unable to show emotion or interest in anything in particular.

That is, until a few moments later, when Denis and Antonio are visibly upset about a new responsibility enlisted to maintain. Denis stands blankly with his arms crossed during the entire rebuttal. After a few lengthy moments and exchanged bad looks, Denis storms out of the office, again showing no emotion. He answers a phone call from Lester, possibly at a more personal job opportunity, as Lester favors Denis for various tasks.

After Daniel and Antonio make up, Daniel receives an email from Lester.


Subject: New Arrival

I set you two up with a test run.

Textile City. Truck. 3 Crates. Don't fail me.


Daniel quickly exits the room and heads into the office's personal quarters to change. Antonio follows him into the same room.

After a few minutes, the two arrive at ground level dressed in more rugged attire, using an Armored Kuruma as their vehicle of choice for the job. The two arrive at Textile City, and notice the truck Lester mentioned, matching its description, in an alleyway.

Daniel and Antonio proceed with caution, and head to the truck from behind at the other end of the alleyway. Seeing the homeless as threats, they point their Carbine Rifles at their resting places, forcing evacuation. After a few more cautious moments of consideration, they enter the truck containing the crates and head to the warehouse in South Shambles, East Los Santos.

The two unload the truck, and Denis arrives at the warehouse some time later. The three observe their first score for the company, showcasing another obvious lack of interest, and are puzzled by the situation. Daniel receives a call from Lester, and Lester shows a sign of relief that they performed the task at hand. Daniel leaves the warehouse with Denis and Antonio still inside.

Meanwhile, the episode cuts to an unknown figure in an International Affairs Agency office. On the computer monitor, multiple searches on Eyefind are made, such as "Liberty Inc", "Daniel Schatzmann", "Denis Cravic", and "Antonio Santos". The figure heads to Liberty City National's website, and notices the company listed on the stock market, but is puzzled as to why no results appear on Eyefind. The figure smokes a cigarette observing the Los Santos skyline, and the episode ends.