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Denis Cravic
Appearance(s):The Libertonian
Also known as:
  • The Risk-Taker
Date of Birth:March 10, 1988
Place of birth:The Carraways, Liberty
Main affiliation:
Portrayed by:theNGclan

Denis Cravic is one of the central protagonists in The Libertonian.


Denis Cravic was born on April 29, 1988 in The Carraways, Liberty, to Serbian immigrants who left Yugoslavia sometime in the 1980s. In the 2000s, Denis became a wealthy investor and stockholder in some of the nation's largest corporations of Liberty City, owning shares in such companies as Fruit, Facade, MyRoom, and Spark Incorporated. Ruthless and manipulative, Denis was able to live comfortably for much of his career, being particularly selective when it came to investing.

Due to Denis's involvement in Spark Incorporated's funding, he often attending shareholder meetings with Alex Vogil and Alan Platterson, the company's primary source of income. Due to Denis's keen senses, he knew Spark's relevance would soon peril, and sold off his remaining shares in the company, gaining him a large amount of profit. Spark Incorporated's shares would soon drop during the financial collapse, and the company would be in dire straits for many years.

This all changed, however, when the 2008 financial collapse occurred, crippling the economy and leaving many people penniless, and the job market in shambles. Denis's net worth soon plummeted, with very little of his portfolio adding up to anything worthwhile. He was forced to sell off his remaining assets, but the return wasn't enough. He would then go on to file bankruptcy, and his reputation in the industry perished.

Denis knew Liberty City would be a financial wreck for far too long. With his rent increasing to nearly triple what he was typically paying, he had two options - either live homeless, or flee the city. Denis packed his bags, left his furniture behind, and left at Francis International Airport for Los Santos to start a new life - unbound by the law, Denis became a criminal.

Soon after arriving in Los Santos, he quickly attracted the attention of Lester Crest, who had been eyeing Denis's fine work in the industry. Seeing potential in his capabilities, Lester paid an unannounced visit to Denis's new apartment, where he discussed his plans. Denis, now free from his past life, agreed to this new job offer.

Denis's first heist is performed alongside Daniel sometime in 2014 at the Lucky 8 Casino in Los Santos, at the request of Lester. He would eventually perform a second heist in June 2014 alongside Antonio and Daniel, at the Pacific Standard Public Deposit Bank.

Denis is attacked during The First Raid and is forced to flee the city, along with Antonio and Daniel. However, Daniel is contacted by Lester who urges the Trio to perform a Blitz Play, to distract the entirety of the LSPD long enough for Lester to allow time for the Trio to escape, as well as benefiting Lester's stocks portfolio. Following this, the Trio split up - Daniel flies for Liberty City, Denis to Las Venturas, and Antonio for San Fierro.

During his time in Las Venturas, Denis struggles with finding work. Forced to keep a low profile for several days, his bank account is quickly depleted but receives a hefty sum deposit from Lester for the assassination on Greg Leonard. This prompts Denis to stay frugal and lay low until the heat dies down and work opens.

Denis decides to hire a lawyer to help with outside work to bide time. The lawyer promises Denis's security in exchange for a 50/50 cut for all work performed. Denis agrees and completes the work the lawyer assigns him.

In the meantime, Denis is arrested for a DUI. However, Denis has since shaved his beard due to his low profile appearance. As such, the LVPD do not suspect Denis as one of the Most Wanted. Denis initially decides to contact the lawyer, but before he has the opportunity to request a phone call he is released.


Denis is seen as a ruthless shell of his previous investor lifestyle. Denis consistently tries to increase the number of zeros in his bank account due to a desire to become the wealthy Liberty City-based stockholder he once was. Denis will often take every opportunity he can get to make a bit of cash.

Listed on Denis's FIB case file, he is considered a "potential threat".

Denis is seen as the central person of the group, due to being affluent in stock trading, finances, risk management, and overall mental stability. This makes him a favorite of Lester's, which provides him with special job opportunities.

Nightmare - "Recession"

Denis' Nightmare symbolizes the 2008 recession and the collapse of the stock market. The clones of Denis represent his polar opposites, and the suited-man represents the bridge between his former self and what he is now; a legitimate broker to a criminal.

FIB Database record

First Name:Denis
Place of Birth:The Carraways, Liberty
Status: Potential Threat
  • Liberty Incorporated
  • eHero
Criminal Record:
  • 2008 - Delinquent payment on parking ticket
  • Moved to Los Santos in 2008 once the economy fell.
  • Affiliated with Liberty Incorporated.
  • Previously owned shares in Spark Incorporated.


  1. "Cravic" is the name used for Florian Cravic, also known as Bernie Crane, a character from the video game Grand Theft Auto IV.
  2. Denis's color is Green, signifying go, accept, "go ahead", referencing to his ruthless nature of always taking the shot.
  3. Denis's plate is EQU1TY.
  4. "Denis" is the Serbian spelling of the name "Dennis".

    Comparison between Niko and Denis.

  5. Denis bears a striking resemblance to Niko Bellic, the protagonist of the video game Grand Theft Auto IV and San Andreas Connection.
  6. It is unknown whether or not Denis and Florian Cravic are related.

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