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Daniel Schatzmann
Appearance(s):The Libertonian
Also known as:
  • Dan
  • The Optimist
Date of Birth:December 11, 1991
Place of birth:San Fierro
Main affiliation:
Portrayed by:The7thOne

Daniel Schatzmann is one of the central protagonists in Liberty Incorporated.


Daniel Schatzmann was born on December 11, 1991, according to his FIB case file. He is from San Fierro, although he has claimed to be from the mid-west, possibly to deter potential police intervention.

Daniel's first criminal jobs started in May 2013, just after arriving in Los Santos, beginning with performing work for Gerald, a member of The Families.

Daniel is enlisted to do Lester's dirty work sometime in 2014. Here, Lester helps out Daniel along the path to establishing a criminal empire.

Daniel's first jobs for Lester involved small-time operations and deals, ranging from disrupting Merryweather Security Consulting, to stealing from Korean stick-up crews, to collecting bounties on specific people across the state.

Daniel's first serious foray into armed robbery began in early 2014, when Lester enlists him and Antonio Santos to rob a Fleeca Bank in Pacific Bluffs. The heist is successful, thus igniting the first series of heists that would forever alter the landscape across the nation.

Daniel would eventually proceed to raid the Lucky 8 Casino in Los Santos with Denis, a job personally overseen by Lester.

Daniel is raided by Spark during The First Raid, along with Antonio and Denis. Daniel fights through multiple waves of Spark, before arriving at Liberty Incorporated's headquarters. With the money safe, Daniel carries the rest in a duffel bag for the escape.

Realizing that the entire company's stock in its warehouse could possibly be a victim of the attack, Daniel rushes to the warehouse in Southeast LS, only to discover it completely empty and raided of supplies. Spark would have raided the warehouse during the raid that occurs at the Trio's safehouses, and the cargo was then extracted from the warehouse to a loading dock at the Port of Los Santos. Spark loads the cargo to various Cargobobs, and it is never seen again.

The rest of the Trio were equally not as lucky. Spark raided Denis and Antonio's apartments at roughly the same time, concluding that the raid was a clear attack against the Trio in its entirety. While Denis and Antonio were able to escape, Further support was needed after the Raid by Lester. The Trio attempt to contact Lester, but no response is given.


Daniel's primary motive is to earn money at all costs. Considered the colloquially named "optimist" by Gary, Daniel thrives off money and power to fulfill the Trio's duties. This, however, proves to be his undoing, motivated by his willingness to overcome his own insecurities, as well as an inferiority complex.

As Co-Founder of Liberty Incorporated, a well-established organization operating in Los Santos and Blaine County, he's willing to sacrifice safety for total market domination - without regret, and without regard for safety of the rest of the Trio.

Daniel is considered "Possible Threat" as seen on his FIB case file.

It is implied Daniel is a heavy drinker, as seen in the episode "Pilot", as well as chain smoking frequently. He is also a fan of the Vaporwave genre, which is referenced in the San Andreas Connection mission "Expanding The Family".

FIB Database record

First Name:Daniel
Place of Birth:San Fierro
Status: Potential Threat
  • Liberty Incorporated
  • eHero
  • Gerald of The Families
Criminal Record:
  • 2010 - Parking violation
  • 2010 - Carrying unregistered weapon
  • 2012 - Caught with controlled substance: Marijuana
  • 2013 - Grand Theft Auto
  • Owns Liberty Incorporated.
  • Seems to have bad history with Spark Incorporated
  • Previous affiliation with Gerald, a member of The Families
  • Drinks heavily, but no DUI on record
  • Has been seen attempting to leave at the San Andreas Border
  • License plate number is GTANEXT


  1. Daniel's beta name was The Protagonist, as he had no given name in the beta stage of The Libertonian production.
  2. Daniel's color is Blue.
  3. Daniel's plate number is GTANEXT, which is a reference to the next GTA's name within the community.
  4. Daniel's outfit in the episode "Pilot" is a reference to the outfit Max Payne wears in the beginning of the video game Max Payne 3.