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Crowd Control is an Activity in San Andreas Connection.



Niko is tasked with protecting various celebrities on their public outings, including errands and public appearances such as movie premieres.

There are crazed fans that start to harass the celebrities, either by talking to them or physically attacking them. Niko must stop them by knocking them out or killing them if necessary. If a celebrities annoyance meter gets too high, the activity ends.


There are various weapons and execution spots around for the player to use against the crazed fans, including an open NOOSE van to throw them into or tasers to keep them down.

Level variations

  • Shopping - The celebrity visits various stores around Los Santos.
  • Dining - The celebrity has dinner with some associates at a high-class establishment.
  • Photo Opportunity - The celebrity takes photos for a magazine.
  • Public Appearance - The celebrity walks around town, meeting and greeting.
  • Movie Premiere - The celebrity has their walk along the red carpet.
  • Controversial Outing - The celebrity exits a courthouse.