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Criminal Damage is an Activity in San Andreas Connection.



Criminal Damage is a very simple game mode - Cause as much damage as you can within the given time limit. The player must rack up destruction costs, including blowing up cars and destroying public property.

Level Variations

  • Standard - The player uses their weapons (with infinite ammo) to cause as much chaos as possible within an area of the map within a certain amount of time.
  • Juggernaut - Niko sports Juggernaut Armor and is given a minigun. The rules of this variation are the same as standard, but the player is restricted to only to minigun, and the damage goal is higher - however the police come in bigger swarms.
  • Rhino Rampage - Same rules as Standard, but the player uses a Rhino tank. The damage goal is higher, however come in bigger swarms.


  • Causing a pile-up of cars is the best way to cause more damage. This way, the player has the chance of taking the lead quicker than if they destroy cars individually; one after the other.
  • The player can also find a location on a highway, a good example is outside the Chicken Factory in Paleto Bay, and blow-up all cars possible. Also, for extra cash, the player can destroy Fire Trucks, so it is advised the player does not leave the vicinity too quickly, in case they miss the Fire Trucks responding. It is suggested to call in a Rhino Tank and avoid using aircrafts as it may be in an area with many telephone poles and buildings.