Conflicting Interests

Boss: Lester Crest
  1. Go to the garment factory
  2. Leave the building
Unlocked after:Executive Search
Unlocks:The Yacht Raid

Conflicting Interests is the sixteenth mission in San Andreas Connection.


"Hey Niko, you're needed again. Gary and Alex are here. We're all eager to go for a drive."
―Lester Crest via Text Message
Niko walks into the garment factory and notices that no workers are present. Niko continues into the office, interrupting the conversation that Alex and Gary are having.

"I'm not too keen on letting some fuckin' suit take over one of my operations!" Gary says, raising his voice at Alex.

"Mr. Mitnick, please, with all due respect your intentions in this business are, how should I put it...? Cloudy. You're interested in profits for your tiny crew here, but we need to have some funding go towards research." Alex replies, moving Gary's hand away from him.

"Research? Research for what? That fuckin' cybernetic chip shit? Or the uh... uh... Exosuits? Better yet, didn't you get enough money from the job on the Pacific Standard Bank? You crazy fu-" Gary spits back.

"Mr. Mitnick, while those three did provide my organization with sufficient funds to research some diseases, I still haven't receive proper payment for the protection of your hide. If it wasn't for me, you likely wouldn't have gotten away with half of your raids." Alex says sternly.

"How about you both calm the fuck down? The muscle's here!" Lester says, typing away at his laptop.

"What did I just walk in to? If I wanted to see two people arguing I'd watch some Weazel News show... oh wait." Niko jokes.

"Cute." Alex says. "But anyhow, Mr. Mitnick, Mr. Bellic, I think I have a solution to my lack of funding."

"This should be good." Gary groans. Alex points towards the bulletin board and shows a map of Vespucci beach.

"There is a yacht owned by a Korean crime family. They come to Los Santos around this time of year to meet with some of their western associates. On that very yacht is around four million dollars in heroine." Alex says, pointing towards a photo of the yacht.

"Woah, that's a lot of cash." Niko says, rubbing his chin.

"Damn right. So, Alex, where do we come into play here?" Gary replies.

"Mr. Crest is going to further examine the software that is running on the primary computer system on the ship. When we, I mean you, move in to grab the stuff, Mr. Crest will destroy their communications systems."

"What about me?" Gary asks.

"You're going to be going with him, giving Mr. Bellic cover." Alex replies.

"So let me get this straight, I'm going to go on that boat, kill however many people, then move some brown from one point to another - all for four million dollars profit?" Niko asks.

"Precisely, unless Mr. Crest has a better plan." Alex says, changing his glance to Lester. Lester gets up and examines the board.

"Hmm... uhhhh, well, there are some changes we can make. First off, we need more than just Niko on that ship. Gary is our victim, hehe. I'll perform some cyber attacks on some police databases to keep them busy-ish while all of this is going on. Or, better yet, we send Niko and some others in like they're meant to be there. When the yacht gets crowded and a party starts, they whip out some guns and mow down anyone that gets in their way. We come in by helicopter, pick up the brown, and fly the hell out of there." Lester says, dabbing some sweat from his forehead.

"Those plans sound too complex to fail. If nothing else, we have some other people we can have take the fall if everything falls apart." Niko says.

"I agree, with our track record, this is sure to work." Gary chimes in.

"Fair enough - Mr. Crest you have two equally brilliant plans. Which do you plan on doing?" Alex asks Lester.

"We'll worry about that later. For now, we should scope out the area, get a good general vibe and temperature. You can't rob a bank, er, yacht, without doing some scoping out first." Lester replies.

"Alright. Who's driving?" says Alex.

"Not the Slav." Gary retorts.

"Yeah, he's covered wars, ya know? Might drive us into a ditch." Lester replies.

"Hmm... I've heard some terrible things about the conflicts. Surely he won't kill us?"

The group laughs.

"Alright, alright, fuck, I'll drive." says Niko, hitting himself in the face. The group exit the building.

The group get in Niko's car. "Okay Niko, take us to Del Perro, near the Pier." says Lester.


Scoping out the Yacht

"So, you're sure we have everything prepared Lest? These Korean dudes don't fuck around." says Gary.

"Well, we haven't chosen a way to execute this yet, but from what I've gathered it's possible. Difficult, but possible."

"I'm just hoping these guys don't come looking for us afterwards. You know how that ends...." says Niko.

"Well, Mr. Crest, I may be able to source something. Just give me the word and I'll make it happen. Given, of course, you two stop making remixes of the same damn song in the office. I can't concentrate on my emails."

"Sure, sure, we'll stop making our remixes. Just setup a coffee maker in there!" says Lester.

"That's a bit vague, Mr. Crest. What kind of coffee maker? Do you just want one that plugs in the wall? Do you want it to be quick? Do you take shots?"

"I don't care about that elitist crap. Just get something that works, I can barely function in there for hours on end sourcing this stuff."

"Hey now....that's not elitist crap," Gary retorts.

"Mr. Crest, I'm inclined to agree with Mr. Mitnick. If you could just try the new Schmidt & Pre-"

"Jesus guys, will you fucking stop? We're here trying to scope out a yacht containing millions of dollars worth of shit, and you three are arguing over a fucking coffee maker?" Niko retorts, angrily.

"Says the Slav who ordered a triple-shot at Ground & Pound... yes, I've seen your receipt history." Gary chuckles.

"What the fuck? Can we just focus on the mission?" Niko says, raising his voice.

"Yes, Mr. Mitnick, Mr. Crest... I think we should concentrate."

The group arrive at the pier. "Okay, there she is." The group focus on the yacht. "Galaxy Super Yacht, encrusted with gold rails and that fucking awful LED lighting." says Lester.

"That's strange. I don't see any guards outside." says Alex.

"Yes, that is strange indeed...." says Gary.

"Maybe they're off today? We could just run in and take everything, no witnesses." says Niko.

"Christ, Niko, I expected better from you. We haven't even chosen a way to pull this off. Making conclusions leads to getting caught."

"I know, I was joking, heh...."

"Take us to ground level, on the beach. We should be able to get another view from there."


The group drive down to the beach.

"Goddamn Apertureoid, I can't get a clear view of the superstructure from here." says Lester, fidgetting with his camera.

"Do you want me to try? I can get outside and get closer." Niko replies.

"Sure I guess, fuck that camera anyway."

Niko exits the car with the camera. Lester hands him a headset as he leaves.

"Okay Niko, try not to get seen. It looks empty now, but who knows how many guys they have positioned around here." says Lester over the headset.

"Alright, getting some shots now," says Niko, aiming at the Yacht's superstructure with the camera.

"Great, fun, good. Let's see if they follow us back. I'm sure there's at least one of them here..."

"Relax, Lest, they aren't going to kill him. He's just a dude with a camera, for all he knows it's just a Yacht docked." says Gary, slightly distorted over the headset.

"Okay, got the shots. Heading back now." says Niko.

Niko gets in the car, and drives the group back to the garment factory.

Leaving the area

"Here's the camera Lest, do your computer magic with it or something. Hopefully they turned out good."

"Huh, these aren't that bad. Good work."

"So we have the pictures of the boat, now what? Do we blow it up?" says Gary.

"And lose millions of dollars worth of merchandise? You're an idiot."

"True, but that'd cause a distraction at the least. Maybe we could set some PE-4 off nearby? Throwing them off-balance." says Gary.

"No, that'll bring half of the entire LSPD workforce on us. And do we really need all of that?"

"I may be able to pull a few strings, Mr. Crest. Remember what I said earlier..." says Alex.

"Well, you're right. Let's just try not to get killed here."

The group arrive at the garment factory, and enter the building. After heading into the office, the group decide what to do next.

"Okay, I think we should choose a way to do this thing. I'll let you pick, Niko." says Lester.

"So, the first option - Loud. We blast in, no, no explosives, and gun down everyone in our path. Once we find the heroin, Someone else will have to extract it by helicopter. You and Gary would go in together. Either he stands alongside you, or provides sniper support. Your call."

"The second option - Quiet. We try to sneak in at the dead of night, and hopefully not stir up some controversy. You sneak in, your weapon of choice will have a suppressor fitted. This won't silence all of your actions of course, but should at least keep things quiet. You steal the heroin, pack them up in duffel bags, and make your escape. Preferably by boat."

"So, what'll it be, Slav? Loud or Quiet?" The player is then instructed to make a choice.

"Alright, sounds good. I'll finalize the rest of the details we need and then we'll make some moves. Of course, if we get that LSPD protection, right Alex? Heh." says Lester.

"Again, Mr. Crest, I'll see what I can do." says Alex, stuffing his hand into his pocket.

"Great, great. And that coffee maker...."

"Yes, yes. I'll get it taken care of."

Niko leaves the building.