Pages requiring attention are pages that have been specifically marked for overhauls and require immediate attention from editors. Overhauls may include storyboards, infoboxes, screenshots, etc.

Guidelines for additions

Pages should only be categorized as requiring attention if they meet the following criteria:

  • Messy storyboards, i.e: Redundant dialogue, unclear mission objectives, undocumented mission goals, missing sub-headers, hinderance of article readability.
  • Missing trivia section if one is applicable.
  • Any amount of "TBD" additions, signifying the page requires completion.
  • Missing images and screenshots, or lower-quality images overall (i.e: prohibitively small size, poor image quality and clarity)
  • Missing content overall, such as a missing mission reward in the infobox.
  • Outdated content, such as older Niko builds and character configs.