"Cabmageddon, the freeform driving sensation, where everyone is a bunch of crazies in a twisted mix of automotive killing machines. Grab a cab and create chaos!"
―Activity Description

Cabmageddon is an Activity in San Andreas Connection.

***********TBD************ PLEASE FIX

(also would be nice to have a bar for car's state as well as a count for the perkmeter)

The perkmeter goes up whenever you crash into stuff

Killing a pedestrian = 10 perkpoints

Bump into an opponent = 25 perkpoints

Crash into an opponent = 50 perkpoints

Destroy an opponent = 200 perkpoints

To be able to use a perk, you must have at least 350 perkpoints.

**************/TBD**************** /PLEASE FIX

Cab list and specs:

Cabbie - Regular checkerboard cab. Normal damage, speed, acceleration and resistance. Perk: 5 second invincibility

Zebra Cab - The car is as fancy as it looks. Higher speed and acceleration are yours to mess around with along with a normal resistance. However, the car deals less damage than the other cabs. Perk: 5 second turbo

Borgnine Cab - The Traditional killing machine. It's more of an offensive car than defensive, dealing a lot more damage to your opponents. Speed is average but the resistance is smaller than on other cars. Perk: 5 second automatic machine gun

Armored Cab - For those who are more on the defensive side, the Armored Cab will suit your requirements. It has a high resistance, average damage and low speed. Perk: None