Boolean Integer

Boss:Lester Crest
  • Go to the Garment Factory
Reward:Gary Mitnick as a contact
Unlocked after:Back in Motion
"This is eHero Underground. You may know me from the news healines - Gary Mitnick, or "eHero"."
Gary Mitnick
Boolean Integer is the 4th mission in San Andreas Connection.


Niko receives a call from Lester in his Hawick apartment from Lester. After taking another sip of his coffee, Niko answers.

"What's up, Lest?" says Niko, taking another sip of coffee.

"Hey. I uh... just wanted to say, great job yesterday. You've impressed me quite a lot, which is why I want you to meet someone. It's uh...awkward, it's uh, heh, real awkward, but I think you'll like him. We've been working together for a while."

Thinking for several seconds, Niko replies, "Alright. Where and who?"

Lester replies, almost cutting Niko off, "At my factory in East LS. No, not the warehouse. You almost confused the directions when I was monitoring your GPS. Must be a Serbian thing. Anyway, Factory in East LS, you're here to meet my associate, Gary."

"Sounds good. I'll be there soon."

Niko finishes his coffee, throws it on the ground, quickly runs outside, and enters his Esperanto.

"Gary? What's next, Lester, the Townley Twins?", Niko says, rubbing his chin.

Niko arrives at the factory shortly thereafter, parks the Esperanto, and enters the building.

Walking up to the second floor, Niko is immediately greeted by Lester, in a somewhat cheerful mood. "Ha! I domed you!", says Lester, looking at his phone.

"Domed? What the fuck are you on about?", Niko replies.

"Oh, sorry, I didn't mean-.....anyway, you're here to meet a fellow associate of mine." Niko follows Lester into the other room.

"Meet Gary Mitnick, also known as eHero. Gary, meet Niko." Niko and Gary shake hands.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Bellic. I've heard a lot about you. The man who took down Bank of Liberty, right? That's quite impressive."

"Yep, that's me. I'd rather not talk about the past, if you don't mind.", says Niko, crossing his arms.


Niko, Lester and Gary conversing in Lester's office

Gary sits down in the room. "So, Mr. Bellic....what brings you to San Andreas? I mean, you could've gone anywhere else."

Niko takes a few seconds to reply. "How's this relevant now?"

Gary responds, looking at the ceiling. "Well, let's think about it this way. Ehhhh..........You've never liked the heat. So why haven't you installed a portable AC in your house? It's a simple god damn question."

"What the fuck are you talking about?"

"I'm joking! I'm joking. I've sent some money in your bank account to pick one up. I know how you people like the cold. Anyway, let's get down to business..."

Niko and Gary walk into the next room, and observe a planning board. Lester enters behind them.

"This, is where the magic happens. All of our mischievous acts, all of our sinful and undeniably despicable doings, are started here." says Gary, running his hand down the planning board.

"Looks pretty uh, in depth Gary. I'm impressed." Niko replies.

Lester replies from behind, "Yes, yes, this is impressive. We plan all of our heists here. I personally use it to scope out sorority, AHEM, anyway. Yes. Jobs. Heists. This is where it's all started. Me and Gary typically scope a location out for several weeks before finally striking. However, we never "strike", we have outsourced a few petty criminals. They're not in town right now, so you're acting like a temp. Except, there's no temp agency."

Niko laughs, "Ha ha. Very funny. Temp agency. Yeah. Ha. Now where's the fucking job?"

"We're getting to that. First, you gotta see the meatballs we have..."

Gary and Lester exit, and Niko follows from behind.

A timelapse starts outside, and Niko exits the building. Lester opens the door after Niko leaves, and reminds him that "There will be plenty of more work down the road."

Niko gets in his Esperanto, and leaves the area, thus ending the mission.