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Antonio Santos
Appearance(s):The Libertonian
Also known as:
  • Tony
  • Anthony
  • The Aspiring Expat
Date of Birth:November 6, 1991
Place of birth:Rocinha, South Zone,

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Main affiliation:
Portrayed by:BlackScout

Antonio Santos is one of the central protagonists in The Libertonian.


Antonio Santos is from Rocinha, a favela in the South Zone of Rio De Janeiro in Brazil. Antonio came from a low-class upbringing, which contributes to his excellent street smarts.

Antonio moved to Los Santos in 2014. TBD

Events of San Andreas Connection

While Antonio does not play a major role in San Andreas Connection, he seen partying with various thugs during the ending cutscene of The Big Sale.

Events of Undead Nightmare

While Undead Nightmare does take place after San Andreas Connection, it is non-canon and should not be considered part of the main story.

Antonio is one of the various people protecting Benny's Original Motorworks from the undead. He cannot be interacted with and has infinite health.


Antonio is quick to judge and to act on the spot in any situation, usually carelessly and without planning or previous consideration. Gary takes note of his reckless behaviour in Liberty Incorporated.

As noted on Antonio's IAA case file, he is considered "not a threat", and is "unlikely to partake in serious criminalistic affairs".

FIB Database record

First Name:Antonio
Place of Birth:Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Status: Potential Threat
  • Liberty Incorporated
  • eHero
  • Benny's Original Motor Works
Criminal Record:
  • Oddly, nothing. Will be investigated further.
  • Moved to Los Santos in October 2013.
  • Appears to have primary allegiance to one particular criminal organization - Liberty Incorporated.
  • Though connected to Daniel Schatzmann and Denis Cravic, there is no criminal record currently for Antonio.
  • Part-time employee at Benny's Original Motor Works.


  • Antonio is portrayed by BlackScout.