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Alex Vogil
Also known as:Mr. V
Date of Birth:July 4th, 1965
Place of birth:Los Santos
Main affiliation:
"Smart men invest. Smarter men capitalize. Smartest men survive."
― Alex Vogil
Alex Vogil is the main antagonist of The Libertonian, a supporting character in San Andreas Connection, and is CEO of Spark Incorporated.


Alex Vogil was born in Los Santos on July 4th, 1965. He was once a member of Congress, dating back to the late 1990s. Always maintaining a power complex, Alex never lost his internal ego of letting go.

Alex left Congress in 2004 to instead focus on corporations, becoming the chief executive officer (CEO) of Spark Incorporated, after being contacted from former governmental colleagues who had joined Spark. Alex, having experience with politics and understanding power, gradually shifted Spark's goals towards bounty collection, rather than emphasis on private security.

In 2014, Alex orders Spark to shift all of their focus on the Trio, enlisting the entire Spark Operations division to investigate, and eventually neutralize the Trio. This puts Alex in a state of madness, going as far as to even take over Daniel's Maze Bank office after The First Raid.

Events of The Libertonian

Alex notices a new company listed on the Liberty City National rise in relevance, under the name Liberty Incorporated. Curious as to how they rose so quickly, Alex monitors the company for a short while, taking notes about their progress.

Deciding to investigate the matter more, he orders the Spark Operations division to get a closer look at who's behind the company. Eyefind search results amount to nothing, and the corporation's CEO is nowhere to be found. Alex, more curious and unrelenting than before, decides to take this investigation personally.

After Spark Operations' results appear, it soon becomes clear that Liberty Incorporated is not a legitimate corporation, but merely a cover for a criminal empire dealing in illegal shipments on the black market. Alex discovers that it is not one, but three key people behind the corporation; Daniel Schatzmann, Denis Cravic, and Antonio Santos - all tied together by one man, Lester Crest. Based on Spark Operations' verdict, Alex decides to play around with the key people, and eventually orders a raid on all three individuals, as a test of their "risk management capabilities". Alex would later use this information to judge whether or not it's worthwhile to pursue this newfound talent.

After The First Raid, the mission is a failure, with many of the higher-ups claiming that they "got away too easily", and "our entire squadron was taken down". An impressed and shocked Alex takes notes again, and realizes the potential in this trio is too immeasurable to pass up.

Alex would, over time, form a takeover strategy, promising the Trio millions of dollars to acquire their company, in exchange for calling off all future raids carried out by Spark. The Trio agree to this, much to Lester's chagrin. Eventually The Trio proves to be very profitable for Alex, generating nearly 10 million dollars in profit from their dirty work.

After some time, Alex hires The Trio for one last job - protect Baldwin Laurent during one of his campaign rallies to lower the minimum wage. A sniper takes out Baldwin with a single shot to the head, along with various disguised eHero foot-soldiers shooting at the guards. The Trio fails to protect Baldwin, but successfully pushes back the eHero members. Alex is angry with The Trio for failing to protect Baldwin but is unable to bring himself to order their death. He instead bribes The Trio to leave Los Santos for good, while keeping Liberty Incorporated for his own use. Liberty Incorporated would later be used as an off-shoring business venture, allowing Spark Incorporated to not have to pay taxes. The Trio would never be heard from again, and Liberty Incorporated would follow.

Events of San Andreas Connection

Alex is introduced to Niko Bellic by Lester. Niko is seen as a business opportunity in Alex's eyes, and uses him to pull of a few heists across Los Santos even though Niko sees Alex as a "corrupt scumfuck". With the rise in crime in Southern San Andreas, Niko essentially becomes Alex's weapon against Los Santos' bigger organizations. With all of this chaos, Alex gains a major foothold in Southern San Andreas, lamenting him into the area's history forever.

Once all of the hard work is finished, Alex attempts to help Baldwin Laurent with his campaign to lower the minimum wage. Unbeknownst to Alex, Gary Mitnick enlists Niko to take out Baldwin at one of his rallies. Niko snipes Baldwin from a rooftop, causing a massive shootout between the guards and disguised eHero foot-soldiers. Alex is deeply saddened by the death of his friend and decides to use the event as a tool for venture business ventures, such as eventually running for President of the United States.

Prior to leaving Los Santos for Washington DC, Alex leaves the former Liberty Incorporated office to Niko, unaware that Niko was the one who killed Baldwin, as a thank you gift for all of his help.

Life after 2014

After the events of The Libertonian and San Andreas Connection, Alex leaves Los Santos and heads for Washington DC to enter congress once more. In 2016 Alex runs for President, but is forced to back down when eHero leaks information about Alex's past.

Events of Undead Nightmare

While Undead Nightmare does take place after San Andreas Connection, it is non-canon and should not be considered part of the main story.

Some time after the events of San Andreas Connection, Alex meets with Niko to forcefully inject Niko with an experimental antidote to a currently unreleased virus because "he'll need it more than anyone". Niko forces Alex to leave and some days later Southern San Andreas is infected with a zombie virus. Niko is blamed for the outbreak, causing Niko to believe Alex caused the outbreak.

Once Alex is confronted by Niko, he informs him that he did not cause the outbreak and gave Niko the experimental antidote to the zombie virus because he knew that Niko is the only person who could at least get to the bottom of the (originally potential) outbreak. After explaining his position to Niko, Alex is killed by Gordon by a bullet to the head.


Alex is considered a schizophrenic, psychopath, and sociopath, fitting into many different architypes. Alex is obsessed with Liberty Inc., and the Trio equally as much. When Alex takes over the Maze Bank Headquarters, Alex even takes some of Daniel's suits and wears them for himself, further cementing his obsession.

Alex is not scared of the Trio, and even takes Daniel in to make a deal to stay away. Alex takes many risks and puts little thought into each action. These traits prove to make Alex a terrible CEO and leader of Spark Incorporated.

Alex is in many ways, a mirror of Daniel. Both are extremely dangerous and take large risks, and have similar ideologies. However, they rarely agree on economics and subjects such as offshoring. Regardless, they remain "frenemies" throughout the series.

Undead Nightmare (Non-canon)

In Undead Nightmare, Alex orders further research and eventually mass production of the zombie virus (Z-731) to use as an "endgame" bio-weapon if ever needed.

FIB Database record

First Name:Alex
Place of Birth:Los Santos
Status: Potential threat
  • Spark Incorporated
Criminal Record:
  • 1985 - Extortion
  • 1985 - Carrying weapon without permit (Heavy Revolver)
  • 1986 - Racketeering
  • 1987 - Parking ticket
  • 1990 - Skipped jury duty
  • 1994 - Smuggling
  • 1996 - Money laundering
  • 2001 - Parking ticket
  • 2003 - Speeding ticket
  • Owner of Spark Incorporated.
  • Was member of congress from 1991 to 2004.
  • Believed to be running a crime syndicate.
  • Has been seen with Gary Mitnick.
  • Possible schizophrenic.