Alan Platterson
Also known as:Al, Plat
Date of Birth:December 22nd, 1957
Place of birth:Various (Unknown)
Main affiliation:
"Long gone are the days where you hand someone money and they make you feel a little less empty."
―Alan Platterson
Alan Platterson is one of the antagonists in the web series The Libertonian and plays a key role in San Andreas Connection.


Alan Platterson started his career as an investor for multiple companies, ranging from Fruit Computers, to Beta-Pharmaceuticals, as well as Facade, eventually leading to him financially securing the IAA's finances sometime prior to 2004. Since then, he's played a key role in directing IAA budgetting to Spark Incorporated, discreetly.

Very little of Alan's early life is known. Earliest files relating to Alan date back as far as 1998. Alan claims he is originally from South Africa, but various other sources state he is also from New England, Canada, and Las Venturas. His true origin remains unknown.

Alan gained notoriety for being incredibly ruthless during his time investing in startup companies and corporations alike, which earned him a spot in the IAA for managing their finances. Eventually, in 2004 key members left, thus forming Spark Incorporated. Certain founding members, such as Alex Vogil, pleaded for him to leave the IAA to join the newly-formed company, but Alan chose to stay as a member of the IAA, claiming that it would "strategically enforce aggressive budgeting tactics," hinting at how Spark receives funding.

Using contacts from within Spark, as well as the IAA, Alan has managed to fund Spark Incorporated for over a decade, without managing to get caught. Utilizing key words such as "securing your future" and "ensuring stability for the future of the IAA", Alan is highly affluent in persuasion and manipulation of other people.

The exact methods Alan uses to maintain Spark a secret is unknown, but what is known is that Spark is frequently listed as a tax write-off from within Alan's private deductions every year, and within the IAA, Spark Incorporated is simply listed as "Central American branch", even though such a branch does not exist in Central America of the IAA.

Utilizing the IAA's carelessness and refusal to monitor whistleblower activity, it is no surprise that Alan has managed to pull off such a task for so long. This makes Alan a possible whistleblower himself.

Events of San Andreas Connection

Alan is a close friend of Lester in 2014 and visits the garment factory often. Both Gary and Niko have speculated considerably as to what Alan is up to. Repeated attempts at asking Lester have returned vague responses, such as "he's an old friend", or "he's a financial advisor of mine". This would eventually lead to Gary and Niko rebelling against Alex and Spark Incorporated.

Events of Undead Nightmare

While Undead Nightmare does take place after San Andreas Connection, it is non-canon and should not be considered part of the main story.

Alan never appears alive during the events of Undead Nightmare. He is found in his apartment, eating the corpse of his mistress. Niko kills him immediately and reads over his computer for any information about the zombie virus.

When killed, Alan drops 50 Shotgun ammo.

FIB Database record

First Name:Alan
Place of Birth:Las Venturas
Status: Not a threat
  • IAA
Criminal Record:
  • None
  • Rumored to be a whistleblower, but no evidence has been shown.