Boss: Alex Vogil
  • Enter the Blimp
  • Fly over the event
  • Parachute to safety
  • Take out the attackers
  • Leave the area
Unlocked after:Caffeinated

...Branded is the twentieth mission in San Andreas Connection.


"The vehicle is ready for you. The location should be placed on your GPS. Should be easy. Any complication, you can figure it out."
―Alex Vogil via Text Message
Niko enters the blimp and takes off. He calls Alex on his phone.

"Hey, Mr. Vogil! I'm in the air, so you want me to-" Niko says before being inerrupted.

"Yes yes! Fly over the event, show off the blimp, stick around for photos, leave, yeah! Get it done and we'll talk!" Alex replies, hanging up immediately. Niko flies the blimp slowly but surely over the event.

"Yeah! Get a good look! More overpriced shit for you to buy!" Niko yells. A rounds from a rifle hit the blimp and it starts to go down.

"Woaaaah fuck!" Niko yells, jumping out of the blimp, parachuting to safety. He slowly gets up and looks around, Cavalcades pull up quickly with masked, hoodie wearing goons carrying assault rifles. Spooked, Niko runs for cover and reaches for his pistol.

"Halt! Civilian, state your purpose! What is your business with Spark? Reveal your identity and your banking information!" One of the men yells out.

"I'm just a guy off the streets who gets hired to fly blimps, I didn't do anything wrong!" Niko cocks his pistol, hiding behind a wall.

"Oh but you're wrong! You're assisting a shadow corporation! Spark is only here to rape the land and steal its cash, and us! And we can't have our people get hurt. Come out!" The man replies.

"What are you, some sort of aspiring Vinewood actor?" Niko yells back. The men rush his position. Niko has no other choice but to kill them. After taking out three waves of the attackers, Niko gets in a vehicle and leaves the area. He calls Alex. Alex won't pick up his phone. Niko proceeds to call Gary.

"Hey Gary!-"

"Slav! Did you see that shit? A Spark blimp just got shot down!" Gary yells through the phone.

"Yeah, uh, that was me actually." Niko replies.

"You shot it down? Niiice! About time someone-" Gary returns.

"No no no, I was flying it, some guys with masks and hoodies shot it down and tried to kill me on foot."

"Masks and hoodies? Did they talk too much? Act like a bunch of pricks?" Gary asks, typing can be heard in the background.

"Well, actually yeah." Niko says.

"Ah, alright, I know who they are. Come to the garment factory when you can." Gary replies, ending the call. Niko shakes his head and keeps driving. The mission ends.